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Had an accident today, questions...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Gibbz, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. Ok i had my first accident today. It was raining and i was coming around a corner at about 40k/hr and hit a manhole. Wheel went out and I went over Knees first.

    So some questions I have.....

    1. Can I claim the repair costs from the council as they shouldn't be placing manholes in the middle of a corner :mad:

    2. I have first party insurance, do I need to notify them? Should they cover costs if the council wont? And Is it worth it (getting put on record an accident and costs)

    3. My skooter is leaking shit out of the engine, looks like a green/black like coolant and oil mixed together. I assume this is normal to some degree. I rode home ok on the bike. Should I be worried about this?

  2. No, not a chance in hell, but I do admire your optimism.
    Yes you should tell them. Yes they'll cover the cost of repairs. It's only worth it if the cost of repair is more than the cost of the excess and loss of no claim bonus.
    This is not normal to any degree. Do not ride the bike.
    Sorry mate, you have serious problems there and need to trailer it to a repairer.
  3. /\ What he said!
  4. lucky seany got to it first. i was gonna leave this one alone...but should be a good watch :popcorn:
  5. :popcorn:

    This will be a good watch.

    I know I tried to chase a council once, hit a large pot hole in my BA GTP and put buldges in 2 $600 tyres.... I ended up paying for it out of my own pocket...
  6. The only times that fluids should mix is when boy meets girl, fluids don't mix on bikes unless its a 2 stroke then oil meets fuel on the way to the combustion chamber

    Good Luck
  7. well it stopped leking, theres a puddle about hrmm 10cm in diameter. Im thinking it may be brake fluid as the rear brake has gone soft, but still works a bit.
  8. If it's stopped leaking that means it's magically fixed itself! :dance:

    No, it's not fixed. It has simply run out of whatever fluid it was leaking. :wink: Do not ride it. :)
  9. yeah well i did ride it home :S crap....

    ok thanks guys, ill have to get this checked out.
  10. Yeah, it's a shame you've already riden it home. With luck you made it home before running out of anything vital. Trying to ride with an oil or coolant leak could easily result in you needing a new engine and your insurance may not cover that as it would have occured post accident.

    If you can post pictures of the damage we can probably tell you what's broken or likely to be broken and give you an idea of whether it's worth calling your insurer. :)
  11. Zombie juice....that's all.

    OP, sorry to hear about the office. Never a good thing, but you appear unhurt, so that's a bonus.
  12. ill get pics tommorow if i remember.
    Damage is

    * scratched rearbrake handle(its a skooter so think where ur clutch is on a bike)

    * The rear panel(plastic)

    * scratches on front windshield

    * Top box broke off.

    * leaking something from air filter
  13. its a black 200cc aprillia sports city , one of these....

  14. looks nice. is it carbie or fuel injected?

    best case its carbied and one of the liquids was petrol (will piss out if carbie bike/scooter is on its side) and the other liquid was hopefully coolant or brake fluid and hopefully you didnt do any major damage to anything.
  16. Its a Carbie, only the newer 2008 models are fuel injected.
  17. You broke your scooter. Good opportunity to buy a real bike.

  18. You can't add juice to your zombies after the crash and make it all better. The trick is to look after them well, feeding and resting as need be. Dragging cold, tired invisible zombies out into the rain, dragging them over wet manholes and expecting them to keep their footing while holding the bike up is asking too much.

    It's definately worth apologising to the zombies though, and perhaps giving them a double ration of brains and beer tonight to make up for it. :)
  19. Noooo!!!!! Not a Sportcity! :(
  20. Do top boxes all have a standard mount position? Or Will I have to get an aprillia top box to replace my broken one?