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Had an accident on the way home tonight

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Org, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Was going around a dual lane roundabout, an old guy in his Mercedes didn't see me!! clipped the back of my bike and sent me down the road. T

    I was wearing the right gear, so I'm ok.

    Haven't had a good chance to assess all the damage to the bike, but at least a broken footpeg, brake lever, indicator and lots of scratches.
  2. Good to hear that you're OK but sorry about the damage on your bike.
    You are still fortunate, he did not run you over.
  3. Glad you're ok Rexy, bikes can be fixed
  4. sorry to hear that mate!!! never good hearing about spills :( very glad that you wearing all the right gear... one reason i'm glad that i made sure got all right gear before buying a bike....
    what actually happpened??? did he not see you and try to come across into your lane around the roundabout?? or exiting???
    hope ya baby is ok!!!! guess most of it will be cosmetic....
  5. Thanks guys,

    The guy then had the nerve to tell me the accident was my fault!!
  6. glad to hear your ok, Kudos for wearing the right gear
  7. It used to be old blokes in Volvos, they seem to have swapped over to Mercs now then?

    Good to hear your ok mate, bike damage is way preferable to personal damage.

    If you're putting in an insurance claim make sure you claim for any riding clothes that suffered even the slightest scuff or tear.
    If your helmet has even the slightest scratch, they are obliged to replace it with a new one.

    Take care: Jaq.
  8. There was a car in the lane outside him, there was a small gap in front of me for a car to get through, the other car was a WRX, who gunned it and just made it ahead of me, so after seeing off that idiot, I then realise the car inside him has gone too!! The old bloke was going too slowly to make it through without hitting me, I swerved and got hit somewhere on the back of the bike.
  9. I was wearing cordura pants, they now have a couple of holes in the knee, suprised me as the fall was only low speed.

    Leather jacket, gloves and boots unmarked

    By the way I am uninsured!
  10. :( sheesh.. wonder why he didnt see you :( but then who can know.. i think only other riders see riders sometimes... i know when i'm in a car now that i am always on the look out for bikes too..... so mayeb you should tell him to ride a bike instead of his merc???/ :p definitely make sure you claim on everything as Jaq said.... an is definitely his fault... he hit you in back... automatically his fault.... had simialr thing in car would you believe... someone hit me in the back exiting a roundabout an said was my fault for not speeding up to allow for him!!!!!! ha ha ha..... insurance company said different ;) good luck mate....
  11. He claims not to have seen me because there was a car between me and him (the one that got quickly out of the way)

    Driver then told me to give up bikes as there not safe! Told him to give up driving, as he is the one making it unsafe!
  12. sorry to hear that bro.

    I will be getting my 1st gears soon.. and after hearing your incident, I will seriously spend more money on gears..
  13. Bad luck on the off Rexy Blue. Glad to hear you're ok though and how to see you on the roads soon

    Some people just don't get it.
  14. Commiserations, Rexy.

    What was the final outcome? Has he conceded fault, or is he still claiming that it was yours?

    If you're uninsured and he sends you a bill, then your best bet is to send him one. If he disputes it, then unfortunately, it's off to court.

    Good luck with it, mate.
  15. Too f%^&ing right thanks to wanker incompetent drivers like him. I tell you what, if he had just sent me flying, then told me it was my fault and then said to give up bikes because they were too dangerous I could have been in a world of hurt cause I would have gone him.
  16. A rear hit is always considered the person behinds fault, isn't it?

    Quite how anyone can knock someone off a bike, then deny all responsibility is beyond me.
  17. hey Rexy,

    are you able to give a diagram of what happened? My SO and I are a little confused.
  18. Sorry to hear about your off, dont you just love the old SMIDSY excuse! Sometimes i wonder if people who drive cars have necks! Hope you get your bike fixed up soon and glad you are ok.
  19. sorry to hear of your spill rexy, relieved your ok though.
    might pay for all to invest in a flouro day/night safety vest to go over your jacket,($20 from any safetywear shop) as I have done. Unfortunately we have to make ourselves stand out like the proverbial mutts nuts so that the blind can see us.
    I wear one all the time when I'm out there. I had a mate ask me if i've ever had anyone laugh when they see me in it. I responded by saying "dont care at least THEY SEE ME!!!!!!"
  20. most cars that pass or I pass usually nod or wave as if to say "I see you" which is the object of the excersise