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Had a little slide on the bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ksystemz, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. Going around the cornet , and front trye hit a piece of plastic on the ground and went sideways , drop bike but little damage , it was weird no one came out to help :( think my finger is broken and sore shoulder! then when i came home mum realised i have a black eye , so i got hit by a rock or something ! should leave visor down

  2. ouch, that sucks, at least no major injuries!
  3. Hope yout ok matti ,take it easy out there mate.
  4. matti, matti, what are we going to do with you?

    If you think your finger is broken, go and see a doctor, NOW
  5. Hello. Hellooooo. dont you guys have same as TAC up there????? go see a DOC.
  6. Where did this go all ass-up?
  7. penrith next to jamison park , was crap on the ground which i didnt see
  8. You shouldn't be typing, matti, you should be seeing a doctor, or in A&E at the hospital
  9. Holy crap I road through there probably 3 times today! Iv'e noticed you get a heap of crud at the York/Jamison roundabout. Heaps of pebbles and stuff, weird.
  10. Hey Matti, sorry to hear about your off. Get an X Ray
  11. Wot he said...
    and wot Hornet said....
    Just to be safe
  12. Maybe someone is out there to get us.
  13. I can see it now: A lone granny cruising around Penrith in a mightyboy dropping little pebbles over the roads....all blue hair and evil intentions!!
  14. That's unfortunate mate. And your Ps test is coming up soon as well isn't it?
  15. that's okay. doesnt sound like to did too much damage to yourself.

    how's the bike? What were you thinking and what speed were you doing when you slid out? (i'm just curious because i'm trying to learn from people's mistakes: i just my L's yesterday)
  16. What all the others have said about going to get checked out - sorry to hear about, and good luck with your p's.
  17. sorry to hear mate, hope everything is fixed up, including your finger ;)