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Had a group ride you wont forget?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. yesterday i had just got home from a weeks beach holiday 2 hours from adelaide. i took my jet ski, so i had all the ski stuff included. i had just spent 5 hours to unpack all the ski gear, clean it and the ski itself, the car, inside and out as there was sand everywhere inside, and all the washing of clothes etc. i had a bit of grub, and was just about to veg out after a tiring day....

    then i get a phone call from a mate. he said there is a night ride with 'CHOPPERS AUSTRALIA' (sa branch). meet at 8.00pm at a certain spot. i mentioned that we both didnt have choppers, so why would we ride witha chopper group!!!! he said anyone welcome to ride. he had a mate in that club, who didnt have a chopper.

    so we meet at the place and there are about 5 choppers and about 6 'mixed bag', normal bikes including a valkerie, vmax, xv650.....etc

    we talk for about an hour, then we got told we leaving at 9.00pm, route details etc and away we go.....except somone at that moment broke his key in half in the ignition lock!!!!!!

    would would YOUR group ride do in this situation?

    i tell you what these guys did...in the dark, using a torch and a light from a verandah. between all of them, they had enough tools, and bits and pieces stored, to pull apart the ignition lock, pull apart the headlight, (where the wires were placed behind) find a toggle switch to replace the wires in the disguarded ignition lock, then reconnect the wires and insulating them, then securely place the toggle switch, securely to the top of the bike and tested it all after 45 mins it was complete, running perfect with lights etc and he rode all night without further problems. obviously he will need to buy a new ignition barrel now, as his bike is not secure, but he STILL was mobile and rode with us.

    even though we lost a fair bit of time, it was a great ride on a balmy adelaide night, and i am glad i accepted the chance to be with a great bunch of guys.

    do you have any 'repairs on the run' stories that can beat this?
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  2. not as dramatic, but a learner ride organised here in Melb where we had a guy on a postie bike, he even went TEC due to his speed [or lack there of lol] this guys exhaust decided to vibrate apart so we used wire and ocky straps to hold it together for him [this was during one of our regroup stops] ride uninterrupted!! Another ride [when I wrote off the beemer cruiser] guys stopped to help, insruance quote organised before cops and ambos turned up for me, never left alone, nor disgarded, this is one great community!!
  3. I've only had a few group rides. Nothing odd in any of them.

    On a side note, i'd like to develop some sort of scientific formula that relates 1) the number flat tyres to the number of people in the group and 2) the number of repair kits on hand vs the number of people in the group. You could probably tie both of them together in some sort of "ratio of voltage" type thing.
  4. we just done our 3rd group ride in 3 weeks. these groups range from near 30 to around 50 mbikes. (i know the topic is probably similar to the nodding ones, in that its very common)

    i am trying to analyse why we enjoy them so much. Even the tyre shredders seem to be in on the act, each group has a few of them and you think to yourself that you these guys need to be really patient to restrain themselves from 'cutting loose'. although sometimes you can see a few of them shaking their heads going around corners at a third of the pace they normally go at.

    we do heaps of rides on our own, the same A grade mbike roads that the groups go on, but when you do a ride with 30-50 other bikes......why does it seem like its more of a thrill? what is it about rolling up to a pub/cafe/bakery with 30- 60 other like minded people to have a meal or drink, that is so satisfying? is it just pack mentality?
  5. Humans are pack animals, we are evolved to hunt in groups. It doesn't surprise me that certain receptors are tickled by chasing each other across the countryside.
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  6. Power in a large group. You can feel powerful. You own the road and anyone in your way ;)
  7. Large group rides are accident magnets. The disparity between skill levels, peer pressure to keep up with the leaders, & pack mentality all contribute to ruin a good ride IMO.
    I'm fine with riding in groups of up to 10 others but beyond that it's generally a cluster fcuk.
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  8. All depends on how they're run . I've been on some shockers that I won't go near again , for that very reason (cluster f*#@) , while others are really good .

    A decent ride leader setting a realistic pace for the group attending and a good TEC coupled with a proper brief on corner marking (for big group rides) will do wonders towards making the ride a smooth one .
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  9. There is no feeling in the world like riding in group with the organisation and discipline of a well planned military exercise.

    Toy runs are not well organised nor are they disciplined.

    Most social group rides are not well organised or disciplined.

    The downside to riding in a well organised and disciplined group that has military precision is that it's organised and disciplined with military precision.

    These days I'm over riding in groups of more than 2 (which will do me well if I ever ride in QLD). Why, because I don't want to have to think about everyone else on the ride, I want to think about ME.
  10. Have ridden in groups of no more than 10, I really enjoyed it... want to do a massive run so just commenting to follow this thread so I can see people's opinions :D
  11. I like group stuff
  12. greg we're not talking orgies

    I love group rides, the atmosphere, socializing, and the thought that if you do come off someone will stop for you.

    being in with unknown riders riding side by side down a narrow road can be a little unnerving though, especially if there is a hairpin turn coming up.
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  13. I was in a orgy once too bad it was on line
  14. Lol. Only you could turn an innocent thread wrong. :)
  15. The Black Dog Ride generally has a couple of hundred Angie. It supports a good cause and the one of the Vic rides has been run by our own GreyBM for the last few years. The Barry Sheen ride as an opener to the MotoGP at Phillip Island is capped at 850 bikes now days so if you want to go register early.

    There is a buzz of riding in a big group, everyone should do the Barry Sheene at some stage it is an experience.

  16. I was told to do the Barry Sheen ride, but was unsure [still on Ls at the time]. Am actually thinking about it for this yr..