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Had a day off so went for a ride today :)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by goddie, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. well took of from home [as if I was goind to work :)] and headed from home to Mt Evelyn to pick up a mirror to replace on the car [missus clipped a road works sign and smashed the mirror on passenger side some time back] so picked up [for $10] an electric mirror for the VZ, (thats my brownee point) then headed across to Lilydale, then out to Yea, took the Melba Hwy wa a tad boring but a sunny n lovely day it was !! then headed over to Alexandra, before duckin down to Eildon!! Had a peak at the water supply, back Alexandra for lunch, then headed back via Marysville, Healseville yes the spur was OK only due to a truck and 3 cars grrr but glad I was slowed down did the 45 kmh esses at 60kmh and was happy with that, havent been thru there alone on a bike so did nuthin silly, didnt watch the speed just trying to stay smooth and keeping the revs around 5 to 6 though
    home and and changed the mirror AFTER I ate roast pork so winners all round :) who knows might score even tonite lol

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  2. Nice one godwin. I haven't ridden in ages. Farking ages. Work has consumed it all. Glad you had fun..
  3. If I had of known that, I would have come with you,

    Im in Lilydale just next to Mt Evelyn,

    I could have shown you some good roads beside the ones you were on, Still going to the same places,

    Was an excellent day for a ride,
  4. Did a bit of a d-tour on the way home from work myself. Normally going straight down Eastlink, but ended up in the Dandenongs. Went up and down the Mountain Highway from Sassafras to The Basin a couple of times. :)

    You're right Goddie, was a beautiful day for a ride!
  5. Good for you Goddie. It was a magnificent day for a ride. I almost took off during lunch time. :p
  6. Try Perrins Creek Road and the one that goes through Ferny Creek, They are only 2 or so Klms apart on the Belgrave to Monbulk Road,
  7. the good thing about going alone was that I didnt look like a pussy lol you would have got the shits up with my slow pace :)
  8. twas a beauty of a day must say and not another day off for a month so lapped it up :)
  9. Nah Mate, I ride with a slow rider all the time, Keeps my licence intact, Hahaha
  10. Will advise of the next on Brian, any luck on fleabay with the screen for the new toy?
  11. Had my daughter over, so havent had a look yet,
  12. Where was my invite Godwin?? Seriously, since i took this new job working afternoons and weekends means i miss out on most rides!! Thursdays and FRIDAYS ARE MY ONLY DAYS OFF :( I'm gonna have to find someone to ride with on these days... Deadman you up on these days to show me some good riding roads around these parts??
  13. There are no good roads around West Footscray,

    Next couple of weeks are out, Bringing my boat home, But after that, No probs,

    I am retired, So I can ride any time, The Dandenongs are full of good rides,

  14. Lol!! I meant around victoria close/far away for a day's ride!!! Hmmm... done!! I'll shout out after a couple of weeks then :D
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