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Had A cop Pull out in front of me today

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by icestorm, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Had A cop Pull out in front of me today, They were parked on the side of the road right after a corner about 2m from the end.

    I seen them sitting there as i approached the corner , then as i came around the corner almost through, i noticed the car front wheels turn so i got ready to break just in case.

    Lucky i did because with out indicating out they came right in front of me.

    As they were cops i didn't flash them or give the horn a toot or have words to them at the next intersection.

    I felt it would some how give them an excuse to find something to fine me for and if i had hit them im sure they would have found a way to pass the blame to me.
  2. Have had words with a cop for a similar thing. Was even apologised to with what appeared to be sincerity.

    Good eye and reactions ice.
  3. Some of them are ignorant fukn arseholes who think they can do what they like on the road. One did the same to me yesterday, then on the way home from work, in the dark, I came around a right angled left hander and there's one parked on the left facing the wrong way with headlights on. For a sec I thought some idiot was driving down the wrong side of the road, put the wind up me. Dickheads.
  4. ^ That goes for anyone. I had a motorcycle pull out in front of me once. I pulled out in front of a car once, after a scare. Because of that driver's reaction to my stupidity (he asked if I was ok, wasn't angry), I learnt to shrug off such things. It happens. You did well to see what was happening and reacted accordingly.
  5. What's the point of this thread?
  6. Whats the point in your post?
  7. The Police have the right to move quickly on the roads, they are better trained than you and need to respond to emergency situations frequently.

    You should yield to them, coming onto a forum to complain about the Police going about their duty to protect the community is shameful.
  8. If they were doing there duty they would have have their lights on to warn other motorist, this guy didn't even use his blinker and and was obviously in no hurry to get anywhere since he drove at 30kms till the next intersection.

    Also part of their duty is to Protect not put other in harms way due to lack of following the very road rules they were there to enforce
  9. :rofl:
  10. That's just your opinion.

    What are the odds the officer was completing a safe manouvre but you were going too quickly around the corner?

    I do not believe that a police officer would attempt a dangerous move on the road like that.
  11. I do not believe that a police officer would attempt a dangerous move on the road like that.[/QUOTE]

    Sonny, you have a lot to learn,
  12. Lamb to the slaughter
  13. You obviously have issues with authority, but these are normal people doing a tough job exceptionally well, so it's nothing but mean spirited to harangue them constantly for petty issues.

    I do not believe the police would drive like this, as they are there to protect the community and the ones that I have met have been very enthusiastic in this aspect of their job.

    You can carry on all you want, but when you get into trouble one of these days I bet you'll want them to show up quick!
  14. When I get into trouble, The coppers can have whats left,
  15. Please boy.racer stop this and go back to your usual persona, this is just too freaky.
  16. I think grange has become a ventriloquist... and is pulling beige.racers strings! lmao
  17. I reckon he's in lockup, and "they've" confiscated his smartphone!
  18. lol you're being sarcastic right? :rofl:
  19. I'm being deadly serious in this matter. Unlike you, I don't wish to laugh at frontline officers that put their lives on the line day to day to protect the community.

    It's down right nasty.
  20. Go on, give him a prize. He's earned it this time.