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Had a bad day

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by oz650r, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. It all started just outside of St Andrews on the Heidelberg-Kinglake road where in the distance I could see a white Subaru wagon coming through at speed. When it come to a short straight the car crossed over into my lane and was headed straight for me. I held my line and swerved as did he at the last minute. I stoped straight away and gave chase. When I got up beside him he pulled over and I paid out on him big time. His excuse was that 5 bikers had just given him the fright of his life as they all went by at high speed and close to him. He just wanted to slow me down ( I was doing 75 in an 80 zone). It took all of my self control not to beat this lunatic to within an inch of his life. I thanked him for ruining my day and continued on my way to Kinglake for lunch. I got about 4km up the road and find a guy sitting beside his busted up Bussa. I stoped and asked if I could help but the ambos were on the way and there was a couple there with him. He was ok just a busted shoulder. While stoped at Kinglake I contemplated turning around and going home but decided to continue on to the spurs through Myers Creek rd. When I got to the black spur I was held up by a couple of tools on Ducatis that thought they owned the road. I got passed them only to find another accident just passed Fernshaw. There were a few bikes stoped and a person was being loaded into an ambulance. Then I came to an accident on the Reefton that involved a few bikes. There were alot of very distressed looking people around and the Police turned up just as I got there. I just turned around and headed for home. I was glad to see my pregnant wife and 2 dogs when I opened the garage door. I did not sleep much last night and have been thinking the day over all day today. I love those roads but will I go back there on the weekends now? I do not know. I will see how I feel when I get back on the bike next weekend.

    I hope all those involved in these accidents recover and are ok.

    I know I should have got the rego of the Subaru but was not thinking straight at the time. It was a white 89-93 Subaru Liberty wagon with NSW plates. So watch out for this nutter if you are up St Andrews - Kinglake way
  2. As a representative of NSW, I formally authorise the stabbing of this driver's pancreas.

    There's usually more good days than bad ones on the bike, oz650r - we just don't notice them as much :)
    Hang in there.
  3. Congratulations on being a survivor.

    Don't let the actions of morons (both 2 and 4 wheeled) spoil a good form of entertainment and relaxation.

    Enjoy your riding, and keep going with the thought that accidents (which should really be called "negligents") are entirely avoidable. Sensible riders survive. And survive unscathed.


    Trevor G

    PS No one needs to crash. Yet few are prepared to admit their foolishness one way or another. Or even recognise how, especially in hindsight, they could have done things differently.

    But some of us do... ;-)
  4. I wouldn't call that a bad day. A few of the other people in that story would have had a bad day...
  5. Seeing other people's accidents is sobering, but you shouldn't let them play on your mind. By your description they were all bike-only accidents, and on that basis were most likely self-induced. Does that mean that you are likely to have an accident? Only you can determine that. It's not the roads that cause the accdients, it's the way people ride them, yourself included.

    I question the wisdom in these dangerous days in which we live of turning round and chasing someone to abuse him just because he gave you a fright. If he had had a pistol under his seat, your day could have ended up a lot worse than it did, and it would have been your fault for seeking the confrontation. Pull over, clear your head, calm down, and ride on.
  6. There were apparently a LOT of bike accidents on Sunday. Far more than usual.

    The one up in Reefton was a real cockup. Some very inexperienced person on a bike had been wobbling around and put her bike into the scenery. Two cars had stopped to help, but in their haste to be "helpful" they had parked their cars next to each other on the road (i.e. in both lanes, effectively blocking the entire road) on a blind S-bend.

    Three more bikes had come around the corner almost immediately after. One pulled up just in time, but that then left the braking distances so short that the next two bikes weren't able to stop and in trying to avoid everything put their bikes down hard, writing off both bikes and breaking bones.

    At least, that's my understanding of the situation that occurred.
  7. wow that is an entirely avoidable situation. I have only been riding for 8 or so months but at every accident I have seen, there has been dumb behaviour by either attending vehicles or other riders.

    - people stop and bunch up on the outer edge of a blind bend
    - people whipping U-turns across double lines with no oncoming vehicle vision
    - people not calling ambulances because the downed rider thinks he/she is fine (while not being able to stand up!)
    - everyone crowding the downed rider and no-one waving down riders and cars warning them of an accident ahead...

    At the same time I have seen a lot of positive things at crashes and have learnt a lot from experienced riders on how to deal with these situations but a lot more riders and drivers need to get some common sense when it comes to accidents on curvy low visibility sections of road - probably the most likely place to have an off when on a sat ride other than in the traffic en route.
  8. Riding has it inheriant dangers we all know that .
    The only way to survive is reduce the % of crashing .
    dont go to reefton or the spur on the weekend , there are too amny "casey stoners, weekend riders , go fast boys and idiots " up there , they get up there to let loose and have a blat .
    That blat is when they push them selves past the capabilitys of themselves and there bikes with no regards for anyone else.
  9. Mate, the spur and reefton areas are notourious for weekend warriors and those who think its a race track. I avoid it like the plauge after seeing some of the stunts up there.

    If you do choose to go, pick a weekday and take it easy. Other than that, ride where the other bodybaggers choose not to go and avoid the holiday periods, especially when people are returning home.

    Riding is an experience to be enjoyed.
  10. With that title I thought you must have come off - thankfully not!

    Flux, sounds like a complete c0ck-up. They were probably thinking they were making the scene safe by protecting the injured, but forgot about warning the other road users to keep them safe :roll:

    As for riding on the weekends being full of warriors - I've found weekDAYS full of buses and logging trucks (bigger obstacles to get around + they cut corners dragging gravel onto the road). I prefer the weekend.
  11. :WStupid:
  12. It's fairly typical for this time of year I'd reckon...Riders that have bought new bikes for this summer, and are out lgetting used to them....riders that have brushed the cobwebs off and are starting to venture out after their winters hybernation, riders that are new to riding, with a mix of tossers that just don't know how to ride their bikes very well, even though they think they can...

    Don't let it affect your own riding, although I agree that it is quite sobering to see so many riders going down when you are out and about. :( .
  13. YEah. And if you wear a tight skirt you are just asking for it as well .

    WTF ? Silliest thing I have ever heard YOU say
  14. invalid argument percrime - wearing a tight skirt and minding your own business is not the same as going out of your way to seek out a confrontation.

    pleased you're ok oz650r and everyone else here for the time being :)
  15. Since when in this country is murder justifiable and the victim's fault for mouthing off?

    Next hornet will be telling us that the guy who shot his neighbour in the chest, killing him, was justifiable and all the neighbour's fault because he had the gall to complain about the murderer's loud music.
  16. I was agreeing right up to the bolded sentence.

    Oz, that would have been a rather sobering outing. Don't let it disturb your Zen.
  17. But if you die sticking up for a right which you do not have the power to enforce, who is the loser?

    It's anyone's right to walk down the main street of albury late on friday or saturday nights, but "innocent" people end up getting bashed senseless. What would wisdom dictate in such a situation?


    Trevor G

    PS Or should that read: Senseless people end up getting bashed innocently?
  18. Wow a bit of a debate here.

    Was I foolish for confronting this idiot? In my mind NO. I hate to think what the outcome would have been for an inexperienced rider in the same position. I put a human content to the machine he tried to slow down and this may make him think of what he did and not do it again. By the time I finished with him he was shaking like a leaf.

    If no one ever stood up for their rights this would be a very sad world.
  19. You pointed out the extreme error of judgement he made during his ignorant, naive and selfish attempt to make you safe. I see no problem with that and hopefully he got the message.

    If you hadn't spoken to him, it's more than likely he'd do it again.

    Well done sir. :)
  20. Agreed, they're called "balls" people....grow a pair!

    Well done mate