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Hacked Paris Hilton Mobile Conversation

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Apr 5, 2005.

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  2. Oh and forgot to say, you'll have to turn up the sound cos the recording is fairly faint.
  3. bwahahah pity its so quiet, but awesome story ;)
  4. bwahahahahhahahahahah, farkin crackup :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    ... Iiiiinteresting.

    I think my street now thinks differently of me.
  6. That is the best paris hilton related recording I have ever listened too!!!!! So hot!
    Pity sound quality is so bad, had to turn it right up to max to hear it though.
    Check it out!

    Padros "legend"!
  7. Last time I turned up something loud in this section I got screamed at by a cute little pig. Once bitten twice shy.
  8. Well that's what you get for clicking on cute little pigs. If nothing happens from the act itself then you still risk the fact that one of your mates finds out and you'll never Iive it it down.
    Only do things with pigs if your 100% no one will ever know!!!
  9. this is a cracker - she's dirty dirty little girl !!!

    ps/ it is very faint, so turn it up