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Haaave you met Flats?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Flats, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. Hey there,

    I met one of my best mates just after he had a spill on his bike and he ended up with a broken collarbone. I decided that "I need a badass injury like that", and dreamed about getting a bike but never really motivated myself to do it.

    Just recently I went to a bucks weekend for that same guy and lo and behold there were postie bikes! After spending 20 minutes kicking that bike into the ground, we finally got the bike going and I spent the next three days flying along dirt roads, dodging Kangaroos and Giant snakes.

    So finally, I booked myself in for the Pre-Learners course and have spent the last two days learning a little bit about how not to get killed on the road. My next step is to dredge through these forums and gumtree to find myself the bike of my dreams (or at least something to get me to work and back).

    I've looked around a little, and there seems to be a pretty cool community on here. Can't wait to find some peeps to cruise around Sydney with.

  2. Welcome to NR Flats,

    Good luck with getting your Learners.

    There is an excellent Mentor network on NR, when you need some assistance.
  3. Welcome FlatsFlats there's a bunch of Syd based riders on Netrider you'll find a few to join you.
    If/when you go flying through the air during your first accident remember this - Chicks dig scars.
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  4. welcome aboard Flats :] good luck for your learners, what sort of bike you looking at getting?
  5. Welcome to NR...
  6. Welcome, Flats, I hope you don't get any....
  7. Thanks Mick.
    What does the mentor network do? How do I find it?
  8. Heck Yeah!

    Thanks mate. I was keen for a postie, but then I was thinking I might like something that wouldn't struggle too much down the freeway. From my readings Honda seems reliable and not too fancy. You have any suggestions?
  9. really depends on what type of riding you will be using for, but yeah postie on a freeway / highway :'(

    im riding a 250 EL eliminator a small Kawasaki cruiser. Had it for three years and its been a blast, taken it every type of road & whilst I don't to the twisties often have done them. Some of them at least :].

    Budget played a part too I wanted a cruiser but didn't have a particular model in mind just best bang for buck, which for me was low K's low price :]. I got mine for $2K with 12000ks it now has 41000.:]:].

    My tip try as many as you can, don't rush it unless you have a model researched and one pops up at a crazy price.
  10. Hello and welcome from another newb.

    I spent today getting acquainted with the Honda CB500 line. They're pretty good for the money.
  11. Welcome flats, I've been here a short while and found its a great forum, good luck with the l plate course.
  12. Welcome FlatsFlats which far end of Sydney do you hale from? ...plenty of NR sydneyites based all over. Keep an eye on the rides forum for info.
    Good luck with the Ls.
    Go check out the mentors forum...we are very spoilt as noobies to have these crazy, kind souls willing to try and teach us how to handle a bike...I am sure they must have they patience of Job and want to weep tears of blood sometimes! ;)
  13. Mentors are experienced riders who generously give their time to teach new riders the finer points of handling a bike and road craft.

    Check out the mentors forum to find one in your area.

    Don't rush into a bike purchase. If you haven't already check out http://cycle-ergo.com/ for bike/rider fit.
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  15. Welcome from the sunny GC
  16. Howdy Flats & Welcome to NR!