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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by out_of_order, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. I've been viewing this forum for a while now, and today i am an official member i think.

    Something about me.

    I am a hobbit size man, who likes long walk on the beach. Romantic movies. Celeeen Dion. Candle lit dinner. And listening to women complaining about their problems. If you are that woman, give me a call :wink: .

    Nah just kidding.

    I like bikes.

    That's why im here :grin:
  2. Give Black Magic a call, she trying real hard to make sure she gets the attention of every male in here
  3. Welcome out_of_order, i liked your intro. :LOL:
  4. HI O_O_O welcome to this site, I'm a newbie too!!
  5. Welcome newbies!!
  6. I'm serious about Celeeen Dion. I have her "My heart Will Go on" on the ipod when i ride. Bwuahahahaha.
  7. ... in which case, welcome, errr, I think :LOL:
  8. Now I see where you got your nic from. :p

  9. Welcome out_of_order :grin:
  10. Welcome!!
  11. Good into post.
    Also welcome.
  12. Now now Charmed!

    Welcome outaorder. Great intro.

  13. :LOL:
  14. Welcome and enjoy your stay.
  15. Welcome out_of_order. \:D/