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Ha ha ha ha!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nice2Bnaked, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. Saw the funniest thing about 5 mins ago...
    Just went down with a mate to the local bike shop...
    There was this bloke (of very stereotypical ethnic origin) who purchased new tyres for his fully sick Nickel plated, (literally drowned in nickel, even his oversized rear sprocket) neon toting, fake carbon fibre 06 Yamaha R1. He just finnished telling me how much of an awesome rider he was, (wheelies and track raceing and stuff) and felt obliged to show me his old rear tyre, burnt out to the thread, yet untouched either side of the middle, with chicken strips bigger than upsized KFC.
    He was wearing a pretty nice race suit, with new sliders (possibly original) alpinestars boots and gloves, and an open face helmet :wink:
    He had all sorts of stories about police chases and 300kph plus highway runs (must have been before the HUGE sprocket change).

    As he was leaving, the mechanic told him about scrubbing in the new tyres, but apparently he knew what he was doing. The bike was cold, and on start-up he revved the sh*t out of it, before slowly going out onto the road. He went out of the driveway, gave it some snot, and stacked it when the arse end slipped out hard. :LOL: What a wanker! He was ok, but he couldnt lift up the bike by himself (he was a big guy) and threw his helmet accross the road and had a hissy fit. The bike had some minor damage, or major for what he was probably going to pay for, but it was funny becouse he was acting like such a top dog before.

    There was no thankyou for me or my mate, he just took off (after I started the bike for him, flooded) this time getting the front wheel about half a centremetre off the ground... must have been one of those fully sick power mono's he was talking about :p
  2. ahhh stupidity... never ceases.
  3. i thought school holidays started in two weeks? :roll:
  4. Siiiiiik mate.
  5. C'mon fellas he may read this forum....

  6. What? i reckon he is a member :LOL:
  7. I'll just check for an "I had an off this morning outside the m/cycle shop" thread... Nope. :(
  8. Should'a saved that for a Friday Funny...

    I saw the same thing at my local Honda dealer a year or so ago; a guy my age with a 900 Kawasaki, stock and mint condition, rode out of the service bay after having been warned about his new rear tyre, gave it just a tickle on the throttle as he entered the road and dropped it on the right side, snapping off the whole footpeg assembly. Very sad, because he wasn't being a smartie, he just didn't listen to the mechanic's good advice :roll:.
  9. Ha ha ha, funny when that stuff happens to d!cks like that! Must have bruised his hektic ego!! :LOL:
  10. lol - that's pretty hillarious
    what a dick
  11. I was warned about mine lastyear ... so I took my baby home and acetone rubbed the release agent off the tyre. Its amazing how much of it is acturaly in there.
  12. troll alert
  13. Haha thats gold, funny how things like that happen to people like him
  14. so they are suddenly much more grippy by 'washing' off the top coating?
    No affect on the actual rubber?
    i'm due for new tyres soon so soulds like a good tip.
  15. :shock: :shock: :shock:
    You've obviously not seen what acetone can do to rubber then.
  16. Really? I rode mine... seems to be a lot more fun doing it that way... or is it just me? :?
  17. Haven't done this yet, but the Spada's rear tyre is looking a bit like a race tyre (i.e. slick) so it's time (and it's flatter in the middle but sans any Colonel product on the sides, tyvm :p). So I guess the dealio is pretty much just to ride as though you're on a wet slippery road for a while, eh?
  18. i always get the shop to do this before i pick the bike up, and check before i leave. heard so many stories of people stacking it with in a few 100 metres of the shop.

    sounds like the R1 dude bore the brunt of his ignorance, arogance and stupidity. :roll:
  19. argh, my carbon fibre :cry: :oops: :(
  20. :rofl:

    Unreal. Sounds like a hot head too... poor helmet.

    Hey what shop was this at... sounds like a Footscray, Dandenong or Frankston sort of occurence....?

    Racers and good shops use a wipe of the tyre buffer stuff to remove the mould release agent. I thought it was an acetone product, but I could be wrong. The alternative is verrrrry gentle inputs over the next however long relying on tyre wear to remove it for you.