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h4 light conversion? how do you know if you have one

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Halapino, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. So today went and bought a 35w H4 light to fit onto my CBR250RR and was going to alter it when it fitted perfectly. I checked the other side and it is running a 60/55w H4.

    Does this mean that there has been a conversion done on my bike or should i still run the 35w lights.

    I am confused as i was under the impression the h4 will not fit the cbr unless modified.

    How do i check if the relay has been updated



  2. Why would you run 35W when 55/60 came in standard?

    someone correct me if im wrong haha
  3. 35w/60 was standard in Japan. The bikes should be fitted with a 55w/60 to pass ADR compliance, but some do seem to slip through (I have my suspicions that certain importers are so cheap they re-use the same 55w/60 globe).
    I'm amazed they even sell 35w globes here, I didn't think they were legal to use.
  4. If i remember correctly, i was reading somewhere, the 55/60w globes overload the battery at idle, and there is some kind of mod you need to do to run these.
  5. yes this is the issue with the cbr. As far as i have read all imported cbr's are 35w with the h4R light globe.