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H4 HID Xenon lights - Help

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by chana74, May 26, 2008.

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  1. I am after some advice on fitting some HID H4. Ok Its true.. whilst I love my Street Triple the lights suck. riding at night the beam only stretches appox 5m from the bike.

    I have angled some uprated globes as high as I can go without blinding other motorist but still its substandard. I have heard some good things about the swap so hopefully it'll do the trick.

    Problem is I am not sure what brand, installation issues etc.

    Suggestions and help would be appreciated.
  2. Perhaps try some h4 xenon bulbs instead of HID?

    Basically normal halogen bulbs but filled with xenon gas instead. I ordered some yesterday, $25 delivered from ebay.
  3. Yeah I already have the fitted.. whilst a more purer white its not necessarily any brighter or the beam stretching any further.

    Also with a twin setup I will need 2 of everything
  4. HID Group Buy looming

    Stay tuned... I will be setting up a group buy shortly for a HID slim ballast kit.... the more purchases the cheaper it will become.

  5. Cool let me know when you set it up
  6. Hrmmm interesting.

    Mates street triple lights at night are great.

    And just be careful with the HID conversion it doesnt mess with your electrics.

    Have read and heard stories of it causing gremlins in the electrics.
  7. i also hate playing with the electrics but really it should be ok.

    I might have another play with the alignment of the headlights to see if I can get it any better. Goning anymore than 50 is a scary experience at night if you don't know the area.
  8. HID lights, ballasts etc fit between your leads to and the headlights, they will not cause any problems. I suspect any such problems were most likely as a result of incorrect wiring.

    Sometimes the problem is with the new bulb, as HID ones tend to protrude further into the light and as such the reflector will create a narrower beam. If so, you need to use a spacer of some sort.

    I've been riding with HID's for about a year now and they're bloody wonderful, they turn night into day, I wouldn't be without them. The bean cut-off point is more pronounced, but it's much further up ahead so it's much better.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.