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H4 Headlight Bulb Replacement

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by conspiracytheorist, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. The stock headlights on my SV are pretty crap so decided to spend a few bucks to upgrade them. $35 delivered I paid for the pair of H4 bulbs.

    Quick pictures to show the difference;



    Much whiter. Haven't tested it yet, may later tonight. I've decided I need to replace the parking light now, looks way too yellow when next to pure white :D

    More detailed instructions http://www.svdownunder.com/index.php?topic=18099.0

    But thats for my SV, but of course most bikes will be very similar in terms of replacing them.
  2. That's a Xenon-filled halogen yeah?
    Personally I wouldn't use anything else, they really do make a huge difference to visibility at night. It's nice that at least some bikes use a standard globe to make things easier.
  3. Are they the same wattage as originals, 55/60?
    Ive seen upgraded globes melt wires an stuff.
  4. You can also end up actually producing less light with a higher wattage, since the reflectors aren't designed for them.
  5. Yup they are supposed to be the xenon filled halogen ones. However someone on the SV forum has advised the brand I bought is apparently bunk. Will be testing them this week to see. If they are crud I will go with proper phillips H4 instead of cheaping out.

    Wattage is 100/90 on these ones, but still 12V. Dad says they'll likely be ok though..
  6. I swapped the globes on my old VK Commodore many years ago from the standard 55/60's it was designed to have to 90/130 units and being an ex cop car it had relays running the high beams (it had flashing high beams in it's past life) but after two years I noticed the low beam was going very dull (like the driver) and upon investigating things discovered the headlight switch was this close (PVDA holding fingers two inches apart) from going into melt down. Remember it was the low beam not the high beam which caused the problem, I replaced the switch and fitted relays to the low beam to get around the problem.

    Hope Dad is an Auto Electrician & mechanic and will rebuild the bike if it catches fire as your insurance wont cover it if they find over wattage globes fitted.
  7. How would they know since I doubt the globes will survive the inferno.
  8. Hehe if he is wrong he's paying for the damage :p

    However he is an electrical engineer.
  9. Ive seen H4 Xenon Globes in repco for $50 for a pair.

    Ide like to do this to my R1 but i realy dont wanna stuff anything up, if i do it il stick with the 55/60w. And I'm actually quite happy with the lights anyways.

    I recently bought a 94 mitsubishi galant that had xenon90/100 globes and the connectors were melted to the globes on both sides.
  10. Remember it takes an Engineer to really stuff things up :LOL:
  11. Given the quality of the Engrish for an "Australian seller", yes (though from your post I can see how you might have missed that :p).
    Far better to pay the extra for German made Trifa or Osram globes - or one of the real Japanese brands.
  12. Too true! :LOL:

    Mine were $35 shipped to my door :grin: 6000k so they're not as dodgy as the 8000k ones which are deliberately made just to be blue. Just looking at them today (during the day of course) and they're quite bright :) Riding home tonight can be the night test :)
  13. A lot of globes can be "optimistic" (or just plain full of crap) when it comes to Kelvin rating.
    I've seen a few cases where people have tested them (like here) and found that despite the rating they may have, in reality you're not going to get much better than 4500K from a xenon-filled halogen. Not surprising really given the colour of a xenon arc is 4100K.
    Once you start getting over 6000K visibility actually starts getting worse, which just makes those advertised as 8000K or more even more laughable.
  14. has anyone tried the narva H4 bulbs? are they anygood?
  15. Yep in my current VY Crumbledoor.

    Light seems to be better, looks less yellow than the standard globes and I had to replace the parkers so they matched :wink:
    Did a non scientific comparo when first changed over and thought there was a difference but there was zero science involved so.........

    Life span seems to be less than the OEM globes (replacing every 9-12 months compared to 3 years for OEM) but remember I'm one of those who drives with the low beam on 24/7 (so to speak) and bounce the car on some interesting roads which could shorten their life span somewhat.
  16. any ideas how much they cost "roundabouts"?
    would be a great help :D.. its a bit late to be going to the nearest autostore at the moment
  17. 50-60 for a pair methinks.
  18. Ah, the old light globe thread...

    When my Blackbird's voltage regulator shit itself it blew both high and low beam globes (H7s?) when riding home from work one night (yes, night).

    I went to Kmart as it was still open and bought two Yum Cha brand H7s and replaced the blown ones.

    I couldn't pick it between the brand name globes that were in there originally and the el cheapo ones which cost me $6 each.

    When I had a ZZR1100 it had a single 50w H4 globe in it. It was unsafe to ride any faster than 80kays at night. I put a 130w H4 in it. It helped a little bit.

    The CBR1000F (Classic) was marginally better in that it had two H4 globes. I replaced them with plus 50s, a Narva brand. They weren't worth the hassles and aggro that I suffered to get them to fit (no access room, globes' base different to the Honda OEMs and required trimming, etc.). Their brightness was barely any better.

    You also need to consider your needs, too (and that of your partner). Do you do much night riding and if so is it urban riding where high beams are virtually useless? As I live out in the stix, I'd settle for nothing less than Boeing 747 landing lights. But even then the odd roo will still jump out at ya just as you're passing him.

    I'd be looking at HIDs if I was going to do it seriously.
  19. Yup, HID is compatible with my bike, and from all reports they can't even be compared to upgraded lights - they're in a totally different league - in fact many get the one light done (SV has two) and say even 1 is more than enough. But I don't do enough night riding in the country to justify it right now :grin: