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H-D 40,000k service $720? - Peter Stevens

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Fa1c0n, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. Guys, the 40k service on my Sportster has come about and they want $720. This seems like a lot?
    The guy on the phone said that the only difference is that they replace the fuel screen.... Surely that cant bump the price up this high?

    All I can say is that the money I would have saved from self servicing would have covered and then some, should anything had gone wrong... You live and learn.

    Any idea what other workshops/factories charge for a 40k?
  2. The story just got crazier...

    Called City Harley - $430 bucks - Fuel Filter screen DOES NOT need to be done at this service.

    Called PS - Guy said Fuel screen DOES need to be done at 40k, was adamant it needed to be done and said that the other guys wouldn't be doing much for my service. I said, "check again". He checked again and said Harley Davidson says it DOESN'T need to be done till 160,000km! But he would not guarantee any work if I don't get it done, he said if I didn't do it and if anything went wrong they wouldn't help... I said, that to keep my warranty you only have to do what HD recommends. He was getting pretty defensive at this stage...
  3. Did u ask what exactly they are doing? Is it just air filter, oil and oil filter ?
  4. Yeah, that + unnecessary fuel filter change.

    I cancelled it and booked it in with City Harley. It's a pain in the arse for me to get out there but for 300 bucks savings....
  5. Prob only cost u $100 to do it yourself . Put a thread up asking any members a case to help u out. If u lived close to me I'd be happy to help
  6. I'm confused about the underlined bit?

    So if you don't get the fuel filter done they won't service your bike?
  7. He was insinuating that if I refused the fuel filter on this service, that any issues I have with my bike after that service will not be covered by warranty/guarantee - even though its not a required part for my bikes warranty. Is that a bit clearer?
  8. Wonder if it is worth me calling H-D directly to have a chat....
  9. Ah right that makes more sense.

    If its not required by HD to be done for another XX amount of k's then they really have no reason to say such a thing.. call HD and ask them?

    Seems like a money grab to me...
  10. Who knows, it does certainly feel that way on the receiving end. Considering according to the manufacturer it is 120,000km too soon to be replacing this bit. :-S
  11. Yep, money grab. The bloke got peeved coz you were obviously onto him!

    Take it to City Harley...you'd think they'd know!
  12. Not once has city Harley said a bad word about Peter Stevens, however the reverse of this cannot be said.
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  13. Hi Falcon, seems a bit of a money grab, if you don't need to replace it until 160k, surely at 40k it will be fine. If the HD warranty still stands, I am not sure what warranty the store is offering that is different to the HD warranty, surely the shop will utilise the HD warranty before an inhouse warranty.

    On another note, your servicing list above is very basic, wouldn't be much there that even a basic backyarder (not saying you are! :)), couldn't handle, for a fraction of the cost.
    As soon as your bike is out of warranty, I'd be doing the servicing myself, maintain a log book and include it with your servicing record the day you plan to sell it.
  14. Exactly my friend. This is my plan. I could do it in a heart beat. There is no radiator. It is literally oil, oil filter and tighten everything....

    The money I could have saved by doing it all in my backyard would have covered any parts I would have had to buy if it broke.

    On and FYI - I am a basic backyarder Haha. My mechanical skills don't go much further than oil and oil filter and brake pads.
  15. I've found Peter Stevens in Ringwood to be way better than the city lot. Give them a call.
  16. is the HD schedule global? they wouldn't have a more frequent replacement interval for crap fuel countries would they? in any case 160,000km is fit-for-life in any real terms
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  17. This is Peter Stevens Dandenong that I am talking about here.

    City Harley is not affiliated with PS, they are an independent HD dealer in Brunswick.
  18. wow a clean harley thread, Im surprised, to the people saying "do it yourself" he cant, warranty will be void then
  19. The XR filter and screen is supposed be changed at 40,000k's, I can't imagine your XL one lasting to 160,000 as its the same filter. I had to remove mine and clean it while I waited for the new kit to show up at about 20-25,000 as it was so bad it was blocking up and starving the engine of fuel under high load conditions. HD does one for $116 or Drag Specialties does the same thing for $39usd http://www.mandmcycles.com/detail.a...page1&Mfg=Drag+Specialties&ProductNo=MM000807

    In the pic below is old verses new, and that is after I cleaned the old one.


    Not a hard job, just pull your pump out and everything else is held together with steel clips and cable ties.
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