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H.A.R.T Pre-Learners course booked!!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by WowlTurkey, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. I have finally booked my pre-learners course with H.A.R.T! Unfortunately, I have to wait til the 15th of September which, at the moment, feels like a lifetime away!! Nevertheless, I'm excited as all hell and still taking in as much information from riders on this site :]

    Until then I guess I'll just have to stick to cycling my arse everywhere!

    I'm also looking at ordering my new ninja 250r in the next few weeks. Oh the excitement is overbearing.

    Sure, the girlfriend feels a little awkward about me getting a bike (I'm sure a motorbike is safer than a road pushy [RE: Sydney's bike rage]) but little does she know, I've booked HER in for the course too MWAHAHAHAHA :cool:

    Bugger it if she thinks i'm buying her a bike though! :LOL:

    can't wait!!

  2. Well done. Once you get the hang of it, you don't want to stop, or is that just me :grin:
    Is there still a long waiting time for these bikes? You might want to ask your local shop and find out. If you're really set on buying this bike and there is a long wait time, you're probably better off to order it now and see if you can get it either for your course or just after.

  3. After reading some things people have written, I can understand why lol

    I'm sure there is quite a wait, at the same time, sounds like the wait is worth it.


    Besides I still have to save a touch more for gear + insurance etc...
  4. Good to hear. A suggestion, if you're not trying to bundle up your gear with your bike to get a discount, try buying your gear before the course. I did and it came in very handy when the weather turned sour.
  5. not a bad idea! Awaiting a hefty tax return so shouldn't be long now. on road for ninja i'm estimating 8K give or take a 500.

    Question you, or someone, might be able to help with. I haven't yet been in touch with any dealers in regards to ordering. How would the payments go? Order and pay at same time? Deposit and pay rest later? Order now, pay when bike arrives?

  6. also, say i do get one ordered from XYZ dealer, you think they could bundle gear with order of bike to get dicount?
  8. Hi, first time poster!

    I'm pretty much in the same position as you only i've sped mine up a bit... booked my learners course and test on fri... got in to do it yesterday! (there was other people that had booked 6 eeks ago only to get in yesterday!) was great:) loved it! passed no problems!

    also went in today and placed an order on my 250 ninja. I was told if i wanted black i was looking at october. If i wanted red however there were two that didnt have orders on them in their next container which was due 6 days ago! they said that kaw aus is usually pretty vague with dates and it should be in in about a week (usually about 2 weeks after they say he said). Well thats at my dealer in melb anyway;)
    price i was quoted $7400 and $7200 (including ORC) but i got it for $7200 of course as they did quote me that first;) paid a $250 deposit and payin the rest when it is in!
    So excited! Now if only the time would hurry up :cry:
  9. Yup if you buy a bike with them, good chance to get very cheap gear as well. They'll often give you near cost price gear to secure a bike sale.

    I'm in narrabeen so see you around when you get your Ls :)
  10. hotmilk - so envious right now. October you say? I guess thats about the time I was looking at. Going to call around today to see how long in Sydney. $250 deposit you say? not bad! I was thinking more like $1000 Ah good times ahead!

    Nice n close phiz, will def see me out when I have my L's lol!!

    Waiting is SO lame!! I feel like I'm 4 years old waiting for Santa! Worse this is, I haven't sent my X-mas list!!! Busy day today!!
  11. When you say 'them' are you talking any dealer in general or the ones specified above? Cheers
  12. disappointed!!! :evil: :( :twisted:

    Received a call from RTA saying they couldn't process my HART booking due to overdue fines!!! Ah well, looks like I'll be booking again next week!!

    Minor set back, but disappointing nontheless
  13. Called aitken today, good to see there's not much of a wait time for the bike. Earliest would be... Get this.... AFTER X-MAS LOL DAAAAAAAAAAMN
  14. Any dealer will do you a deal when buying a bike and gear at the same time. To get the best deal, pick out what gear you want before talking about the bike, then you can tell them you want the bike and the gear, and they'll do you a really good deal on it. Many dealers will say 'yeah we'll give you a discount on gear after you buy it', like action. But thats just their 10% off VIP card, and every mug has one of those.

    Also, even if not buying the bike through the dealer you should no that all bike shops will negotiate on prices, especially if you buy a bunch of it. Eg. I bought helmet, gloves and jacket from team moto in parra, 700+ retail, got it for about 600, no haggling just saying 'what price can you do all this for'.
  15. awesome mate, good info! cheers!

    I should be OK getting the bike home (I'll be the most experience rider in the world when my bike hits aussie shores haha. All places are saying to expect bike after X-mas - around jan/feb. Which is OK seeing as though if i got the bike right NOW i could pay for it + ORC. By Jan I should be able to afford petrol too :p

    However, if I don't get any ride time in between, be sure I may call upon your services!
  16. ok ok ok so i think i'm missing something. Obviously, the Ninja is advertised as $6425 or something like that. Then with the on-road costs, it jumps to about $7500. I was looking at comprehensive insurance. For arguments sake, lets say it's $1300. Does that mean total cost for bike will be $8800 at the end of the day?

    All cars I've bought have been through private sales so haven't run into the whole 'on road cost' thing...

    I'm assuming on road costs include dealer delivery, rego, CTP... I want more than CTP so I have to pay more... Correct? OR does ORC include comprehensive and not just CTP?

    Attempted searching this on forum and google but to no avail!

    Gotta love the noob Q's huh
  17. ORC include rego, ctp and any costs they wanna throw in i guess... (ie their dealer delivery charges etc) ctp is only a part of the rego... it basically covers you for nothing... if you want comprehensive you will have to go through an insurance company... for me being 21 and a rating 2 i'm looking at just over 1k/year i think from memory... it's basically the same as car insurance...... ;) hope that helps :)
  18. Cheers hotmilk, i thought that'd be the case.

    Finally paid my fines from cage experiences a couple of years ago, so can book into hart again tomorrow, hoping they still have the spots available in september!!! !!! !!!
  19. First time poster here as well!

    Grats on the booking - I've got my HART booking end of Aug - 30/31st! Looking to try this two wheeled sensation and keen to learn the ropes!
  20. awesome! Good luck with it man! i'm heading down again to rebook in bout half an hour. knowing my luck, i will have lost out on the september spots and have to wait til december !!