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GYTR Baffle Removal (2011 FZ8N)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Daave, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Picked up a 2011 FZ8N the other day, awesome bike! It's got a GYTR exhaust on it. Is there anyway to remove the baffle? There is an allan key screw at the end, I have removed it and tried to pull what I think is the baffle out but it's not moving. An ideas?
    I can take some photos if helps.

  2. Post some pics!
  3. heat it up running the bike then use a slide hammer. It is held in with friction.
  4. The alternative if you don't have slide hammer is remove the pipe heat the baffle with a blowtorch and then knock it out with a length of dowel from the other end.
  5. Just wondering ... have you got it out yet?

    I have same on my FZ8n ... correct with the allen key, correct with the friction keeping it in place once the bolt has been removed.

    Using dowel from the other end ??? Hmmm. not too sure about that. The baffle consists of some kind of mesh (stainless steel?) in half a sphere that covers the end of the pipe that is screwed to the body of the muffler. Trying to move it with a length of dowell will likely just hole the stainless mesh.

    I've used Vice grip pliers to pull it out before today, but ... it had only been installed for a couple of days. ATM it's been in for a couple of months. Not sure whether the vice-grips would work atm. Heating the exhaust and then trying the vice grips sounds like it could work.