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Gypsy Riders

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by hotoracle, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    I've just completed my Learners permit in Melb. I did my training on a Bolwell Gypsy, easy to ride and lots of fun.

    I have an oportuninty to buy one used, I would apreciate feedback from any owners.

  2. From the training centre?
  3. i think that was the bike the gypsy jokers bike gang started out on .... only in matt black with the optional extra shotgun holders
  4. Hi hotoracle

    I bought my Gypsy as an ex-demo from Show and Go here in Adelaide. It was one of a few dozen that were used at the Melbourne F1 GP from a year or so before. I paid $2600 for it, with an open face helmet and 3 months rego thrown in.

    I've been riding it since about March, but I really only commute on it so I've only done a couple of thousand K's. All I've done is top up the oil, and being the slack idiot I am I still haven't had the first service done so there's probably a heap of swarf and crud swirling around in its little diffy thing. :-(

    I'd add that I weight over 120Kg and it easily does 70K's, 80 coming off the Hilton Bridge!
  5. rob, even with your larger weight, its still quicker than my vmoto!

    i get about 70km down the bridge :p

    mine goes in for a service in another 500km.

    Bolwell seems a reasonably reliable brand. havnt heard too many bad things of them yet.
  6. The bike is an ex training bike, only ever gone around in circles 4,000 K and is three years old.

    I was wondering if this went in it's favour or not !

  7. yeah they are quite good scooters. Not a bad purchase. You may want to hop on the next closest thing which is the Bowell Red Devil. See which you like better. I rather the look of the Gypsie though.
  8. Hi Anthony

    The Red Devil is by Sym, the Gypsy by PGO, both marketted in Oz by Bolwel. I tried both before I decided on the Gypsy. The Red Devil was a bit slower off the mark than the Gypsy but otherwise equally as good as far as I could tell... not hat I know much about scooters! It came down to what was available so I bought the Gypsy.
  9. Rob,

    What is the Gypsy like on a flat road, a dealer here in Melb who has a used jolie on the floor was trying to talk down the gypsy.

    He was saying the best that I could expect from the gypsy was 50 -55 on the road as the engine has been restricted.

    I expect that he would rather sell me his used jolie !!

  10. On a flat road if you just let it get up to speed you'll be at 70k's in no time. Taking off from the lights it accelerates as fast as a 4cyl car. I'm more mindful of going too fast than going too slow.
  11. Sounds just fine for my commute from Port Melb to the CBD. If I ever want to go near a freeway I can jump in my Camry.

    How is the underseat storage?, I was going to by an open face helment with a visor. has it got enough room.

  12. Plenty of room for an open face, not quite enough for a full face. I added a top box when I got my full face... There's a little plastic "curry hook" just above the oil filler cover... too low to be useful. I drilled a hole in the little bucket thing next to the key and added a hook of my own to carry shopping in.
  13. Any 50cc scooter should legally be restricted to no more than 60km/hr. That is part of the license concessions that allow you to ride it without a motorbike license. Any scoots that do more have been de-restricted and most de-restricted scoots will do 70km/hr or so.
  14. and here I was thinking the thread would be about the long term tour... a gypsy ride :(
  15. A woman did a round Australia trip on hers without any hassle. If one can do that I'd say they were a fairly good bike.
  16. Yeah...her name is Wyn Woods...rode around Oz back in 2002 on a Gypsy.
    Her story is still available for a good read on the Bolwell site and also Show and Go motorcycles site. Gutsy lady.