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Gym workout then riding?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by SarcasticGamer8, May 23, 2011.

  1. I'm looking to start working out again. The plan is to do weight training almost every second day and cardio training every other day.

    The only issue I can see is that I only have a motorbike and use it to commute everyday. I am worried that my muscles will be recovering the day after a work out and could very well make riding hazardous (well, more hazardous).

    Does anyone else have to deal with this? How have you found it? Did you have to change your workout in anyway?
  2. Yes I do and you are very correct in being concerned

    I have come out of the gym where my arms are like jelly and I can barely even steer a car with power steering

    hence when going to the gym I drive the car
  3. I find though Im a bit sore I can ride ok the next day. I wont ride home from the gym though, I use it as an excuse for a walk :D
  4. Well I am almost finished setting up a gym in the garage. I wouldn't ride home from the gym, I could barely walk when I used to go to a personal trainer.

    My concern was mainly for riding the following morning to work. I know sometimes if I do a hard workout with squats and lunges, mobility the next day is almost non-existent.
  5. well, sometimes you might and sometimes you mightnot if you're like me... i'm recently getting back into the gym rather than the swimming I was doing. Most of the time I can ride the next day. A couple of times I could barely hobble down to the trainstation let alone think about riding hehe.

    Guess it's prob a wait and see jobby
  6. I haven't had any problems but i generally have a decent stretch and cool down once I'm finished lifting.
  7. When I started riding, I was a landscaper. I'd regularly get home at the end of the day barely able to crawl up the two flights of stairs to my bedsit everything ached so much. I never had a problem with riding either that day or the day after.

    Sure, you probably shouldn't do a trackday or try to get your knee down in the twisties when you're not feeling 100% but, for everyday riding, with a degree of caution and adjusting your riding to conditions (which should always include your condition) it's a non-issue.
  8. its fine.
  9. I do what you're planning. Main problem for me was sore legs and I now don't do any leg exercises in the weight training. The cardio and riding is enough. (I also walk a bit during the day). Do core, back and abs though.
    Thought it through bit and sportsmen don't do big weights etc during the playing season so I follow that a bit. Don't really have an off season from riding though.
  10. Like mentioned stretching after the workout is the key to managing soreness.
    Hot/Cold contrasting showers also do wonders. Few minutes on each cycle for a few cycles.
    Icing also helps with soreness.

  11. Cheers for the replies.
  12. I ride to work in the morning, then ride to the gym, work out and then ride home...haven't had any issues yet, but when I do do weights, I do feel a little weaker on the bars, but that just means riding more cautiously. Before I ride home though, I cool down a little before heading off.
  13. +10 on the stretching and winding down after a workout. A slow paced five K run after weights is a brilliant thing and gets rid of the pain or pump.
    Riding should never be physical unless you are pushing yourself. I do get a bit of cramps in the calf muscles riding the next morning if I have run to far or hard the night before.
  14. Take some supplements
    Really helps with recovery, i go to the gym 3-4 times a week and aside from a bit of tired arms (no real biggy though) it's not too bad at all.
    Just a simple thing of protein powder+dextrose+creatine+L glutamine, also boosts performance immensely. That stuff may sound iffy at first, but from what i've read on the net, no negative side effects or any of that crap.
    After about your first week of exercise, you'll be perfectly fine the next day, no pains or cramps anywhere
  15. I've had two (fairly minor) accidents in my 4 years of riding and both of those were after the gym in the wet. Combination of inexperience, adverse riding conditions and being mentally/physically fatigued.

    Make of that what you will, but I don't ride after working out anymore.
  16. I found a gym near work. I ride to work, jog to the gym (up a bloody big hill), work out then jog back to work. I can then use the showers at work and get straight into my work gear.

    Saves an extra change, etc in there.

    Just wish the gym wasn't quite such a big jog away from work and up that bloody big hill. I enjoy the gym, but hate the jogging.
  17. When I first started at the gym my legs would wobble or my arms would barely be able to use the clutch, depending on the work out. It was always a bit worrying.

    A year later my body recovers much faster and combined with a good stretch, I don't have problems anymore.
  18. Get some clean, healthy food into you - protein, carbs, fats - add some BCAA's (Amino Acids), Glutamine, and while working out drink about 6-800mls of water mixed with Creatine and Extreme Carbs. A fast digesting protein shake straight after a workout is also a must.

    Eat regularly. Your body can only use so much food in any given amount of time which is why eating 6-8 times a day (smaller meals) is generally better then eating 3 big meals a day. Eating continuously throughout the day not only keeps your metabolism burning but you are constantly feeding your body the nutrients/fuel it's requires to rebuild and recover.

    You will always be sore though - if you're not then you haven't worked hard enough.

    I workout 4-5 nights a week using split routines so 7 days a week there is always one part of my body that is not 100%. I eat 8 times a day with the last meal being right before I go to bed (11pm ish) - a cottage cheese and roast beef sandwich. (y)

    It's never stopped me from commuting everyday as well as doing weekend rides. :)
  19. The body will find a way, you should be concerned about your mind/alertness.
    I can go into the gym and deadlift 280kg or bench 170kg and still do 15 minutes of rock climbing after (Virgin Bourke St has an indoor rockclimbing wall) then ride to work.
    What I find most dangerous is the alertness aspect, you need to be on EXTRA vigilance.

    Other than that, go nuts.
  20. Never had a problem, my gym was near work so I 99% of the time on trained monday to friday, cardio at 6am and weights in my lunch break, rarely would I train after work. Never had an issue with commute riding when sore, 1 hour each way mostly highway. What I found more annoying was in the od occasion I had my gear with me was that my helmet didn't actually fit in the locker, and my jacket boots and bag would only just jam in. Helmet thus left at reception.

    -posting on phone; spelling likely fukd