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GW machine starts to shut down opposing data

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pro-pilot, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. One of our best sources of data that seriously conflicts with the fiction of man made global warming has had a shot fired across its bow.
    The solar-terrestrial physics group from the UK, provides most of the scientific community with data to compare space, upper atmosphere and terrestrial data. Much of this is showing contradiction to the so called 'accepted models' for GW.


    Space weather science rues cuts

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  3. I recently read an article that said the government are using the whole climate change debate as a smokescreen to cover up their national identity card project that involves injecting each of us with an ID card microchip that tracks us by GPS, tells the powers that be what we eat, read, watch and do every minute of every day. I can't seem to find the article again though. I bet YOU could find it pro-pilot!

    Has he gone?
  4. PP needs to do this more----------------> :smileysex:
  5. yep + true about the micro chip dont think it will tracks via GPS,
    but u will need it to do the most common task shopping bus entering buildings ect, probaly same type as the one they use in your pets,
  6. seriously. you are ignorant to the highest degree.

    this has nothing to do with global warming and everything to do with the british aligning themselves with the European astronomy agenda. The Cuts are largely to do with the brits having to find the cash to make a meaningful contribution to the next generations of instruments, which will be billions of dollars worth of investment. The govt has decided that joining with the europeans would be the smart thing to do. No doubt fund cutting has also snuck into the agenda.

    this realignment has caused the shutdown of a number of areas in british astronomy. they already plan to incur great fines ($$millions) in order to remove themselves from non-European telescope agreements - with a specific view to the future. this has caused mass disagreement and resentment within certain area or the community. some areas of the community have resorted to using the media to try force their point, as per the aforementioned community in the article. this realignment will possibly also hurt australian astronomy as we do not have the funds to counter the loss of british support in some of our telescopes.

    your ridiculous connection to GW conspiracies only serves to highlight your complete ignorance, bias and rhetoric. If you have no knowledge, information, links to the community or ability to discern the actual reasons, please refrain from posting.
  7. Russ, is the STP stuff going to continue in the European Astronomy thing?

    Any thoughts on whether the European Astronomy politics is pro human GW or still open to all ideas?
  8. it already does continue,
    there will simply be a dent in the available cash & therefore, resulting science.

    basically, the astronomy group are apolitical when it comes to this. It is mostly outside of their field of science and so has little bearing on their decision making.
    This shutdown has occurred because the brits realised that if they were to have any meaningful access to the best astronomy instruments, they would have to rethink their partnerships. the next generation of telescopes are going to be crazy expensive. (the SKA radio telescope is projected at 60billion dollars I think) no one country can afford that.
    if your funding is poorly targeted a country might find itself forced to use suboptimal telescopes. generally the biggest science results come from the latest and greatest instruments. the brits felt they were facing astronomical obscurity and have acted accordingly to fix it.

    given the cost pressures of the coming instruments, it is pretty insulting to the administrators to link them with GW 'corruption'...
  9. You seem to know everything, with all that knowledge you should be earning enough to one day pay for membership here on netrider.

    To re-iterate my OP (as you probably did not understand)

    There is now no longer a direct line of research that links space, upper atmoshpere and terrestrial activity.

    You should learn to read. :wink:
  10. that wasn't your OP. your op was
    "GW machine starts to shut down opposing data"

    as per your title.

    I read that pretty well.

    and you are wrong this has nothing to do with GW.

    as per my reply.

    additionally, nowhere in your original post did you claim what you have now written in bold.

    Support for my reply is even stated in the article, that the council will continue to fund through ESA, the European Space Agency...

    Given that I work in an Astrophysics department, it seem likely that I would know lots about this would it?

    face it, you are :eek:wned:
  11. :rofl: Thats almost as good as my dad's a policeman!
  12. It might be PP, but until you respond to the rest of the post, you are still owned.

    I didn't really see the link you were trying to draw between the funding issue and HGW machinery...
  13. My OP was in reference to an article, highlighting the loss of funding into this agency which provides the only contiguous source of data for all three areas of measurement.

    When I meant you should read, I mean the article in my OP

    The quote was a highlight

    The European equiv. is not as advanced, nor does it provide accurate data sets that give a meaningful relationship between the sun, upper atmosphere and surface temp.

    Much of this data when reviewed against the 'warming models' do not agree.

    I have used them. Also colleges.

    So what I am saying, is that as we progress down this political mantra of man made GW, information that seems to contradict its premise are being constricted.

    The Europeans are so nuts about this GW topic, that they are almost on the verge of calling it a crime to say otherwise (in a political and scientific way of course).

    So sourcing the data from their end of the spectrum is like…well. I think you get the picture.

    Needless to say, owned or not. I work with information in this field. And the propaganda machine is well geared to stop a balanced view from forming.
  14. Ok, so the data is impacted, but was the funding withdrawn as a result of the HGW machinery - as you purport, or the strategic realignment that UK astronomy are undergoing? (Naturally, one can assume nefarious motives regarding the realignment)

    By the way, I find it alarming you have no shame at being owned.
  15. PP, why didn't you make that last point in your OP rather post an article with no details.

    It's what makes you a frustrating poster, for at least some of the time what you post is worthwhile. Rather than just posting random stuff with no context, why not add some (realistic) commentary on what you think of the post.

    Otherwise, all you're doing is posting link, that most of us CBF to follow. That's not to say that what you're posting isn't relevant, it's that sometimes it'd be good to see some value add to the link.