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Solved GV650 - Won't start but cranks? Help

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Silverrr3D, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. My mate's wife has a 06 hyosung GV650 and earlier she was riding when it back fired, Lost power then stalled and wouldn't start again.
    It would crack however.
    I'm heading over there tomorrow to troubleshoot and hopefully find a fix but any helpful tips, info or anything would help.
    extra info:
    bike at one point was just sitting around for a year or so, (been ridden and fix since tho) close to 60,000 kms on the clock.
    HAS spark & compression.
    Battery is fine.
    What gives?

    Yess hyo life, blah blah. lol
    Anyways, cheers in advance.

  2. Perhaps the backfire has blown off the carb connection/s (I'm guessing 2006 had carbies).
    Perhaps they have a rubber hose type connection to the intakes that may have split or been dislodged?
    Or perhaps some other vacuum fitting or similar has blown off giving a vacuum leak that is preventing normal fuelling.
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  3. good luck getting it up and running again cant offer much else
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  4. yeah it is carby, Will take note of this when looking at it tomorrow. Thank you for the input!
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  5. Bah, never mind ...... others on to it
  6. From memory the gv 650 has a similar fuel pump and fuel tap setup to the 250...so its vaccuum operated. These vaccuum lines take their feed off the inlet manifold below the carbs. They use a single thin wired spring clip to hold them on...if these dislodge then no vaccuum gets to fuel pump and tap so therefore no fuel
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  7. Thanks everyone, Will update again tomorrow night or something after looking at everything and especially these suggestions.
  8. also, open tank filler, see if it has vacuum (if not, it may start. if it does have vacuum, open the tank filler, and try to start with cap open)

    ah, .like this... "The gas tank leak I believe was a recall on the venting issue. They called it a gas cap venting problem."
    GV650 Backfires

    looking around there are a fair few threads about this.
    pulls vacuum in tank, no fuel goes to carbs, fuel in carb bowls runs out, brief lean condition = backfire, then no fuel = no go.

    startyabastard/fuel sprayed in and firing will point to carbs not providing fuel also, but start with simple tank filler check

    couple of mentions of sidestand switches too, so you could bridge that as a last resort, see if it makes a difference.
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  9. Right... Bike is fixed. What was wrong with it? Empty fcuking full tank...... my mate was not impressed ahhaha
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  10. Mechanically, I guess that's a carby problem? :p
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  11. Nah, fuel delivery problem.

    Wasn't delivered into the tank!
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