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GV650 hp???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mickeym, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. Hey i was just having a look over the Hyosung GV650 thats due to come out soon (most likly at the same time as the 06 GT250R) and on the website it states its a 70hp bike.

    The Yamaha XVS650 is only a 40hp isn't it? That a hell of a difference in power?

    Am i missing something or what?

    P.S. Its not a bad looking bike, wouldn't mind it in a couple of years when i upgrade the GT250R
  2. Don't know if that's right or not but that's the power limit for Japanese 4-stroke 250s! If it is the case might be worth comparing the torque figures, the yamaha could just be a lazier engine (more torque, less revs).
  3. Given that the GT650 motor claims 79hp, and that the GV uses the same motor in a slightly different state of tune, that figure sounds reasonable.
    Why Yamaha (and others) only give you 40hp is the real question.
  4. The GV650 uses the engine out of the GT650 series of bikes, only it is slightly retuned for a more relaxed, cruiser style power delivery. I have the AMCN issue that features an article on this bike, which if you like i can scan for you can e-mail to you.


  5. nicght rider that'll be gr8 if u ould do that.

    Coz i wanna get a crusier i think after my GT250R

    Was thinking i might even keep the 250 and have it for around town and the crusier for traveling.
  6. looked up the torque figures

    Yamaha XVS250 20 Nm @ 6000 rpm

    Hyosung GV250 61.6 Nm / 7,500 RPM

    Its going to be one sweet cruiser!
  7. 61 Nm from a 250 :shock: . Sure you're not quoting the torque for the 650 version?
  8. Yes, he's quoting the 650.
  9. hehe yea sry my bad, was in the middle of uni work and mind was battered and deep fryed.

    The yamaha XVS650 (50.9 Nm) @ 3000 rpm

    The Hyosung GV650 61.6 Nm / 7,500 RPM

    So theres not much diff in the torque but the hp is almost double.
  10. I think the rpm figures probably explain it. The hyosung puts out more power because it revs a lot higher than the XVS. On the other hand the XVS engine will probably outlast the Hyosung and get better fuel economy.
  11. The GV250 puts out about 29NM @ 7500 I think. Still thrashes the Yammy
  12. How many Nm's to a Kg/m?

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. 9.80297 :). Or just divide Nm by 10 to give Kg/m, it's close enough.
  14. Thanks for that, couldn't find teh conversion here. Always like to compare newer bikes to the old Z, I have 77Nm at 7000 rpm.
    Shame about the weight though! LOL!

    Regards, Andrew.