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GV250 v 250XVS v Intruder - Brand new to riding :-)

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by thereth, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. Hey, now i know this has been asked heaps of times before....which 250cc cruiser is best.... however i feel justified in asking this as i am 6'2" and 120kg, i dont suppose there are many larger people out there like me who want to ride 250's. I have looked at the Hyosung GV250, Yamaha 250XVS V-Star and the Intruder. These 3 all seem big enough for me however as i am still getting my license noone will let me try one out and everyone i know has bigger, badder bikes.

    I was also considering the Pagsta Cruisa, mainly due to the lower initial cost, but they look like they will fall apart if i sneeze to hard.....

    Can i please get some advise and feedback from anyone with wisdom to share.

  2. yeah unfortunetely 250cc is as high as we can go for the first year, but if i can find bike that can cruise at 110kmh i would be happy, its just that every road test and review i have read has a little person on it...... woe for the horizontally challenged!!!!
  3. I have a Honda VT250C (or V25 is the imported model, and you cant get them brand new only second hand). My bro is bigger than you and he has ridden it....says its like riding around in an armchair :p nice big fat seat....low ride height..its very comfortable... on a freeway will sit on 100 easy....130 if you really want to

    Best advice is to at least sit on them all for a while to get a feel for how they are. The dealers should let you test ride them even on your L's - the one i went to let me test ride mine. :p
  4. thanks for the reply but i am mainly looking for a new bike, i have been on all three (sitting on them in the dealer) but im not sure how they handle, which have better/worse handling, acceleration, fuel economy etc i can find dimensions, KW rating and all that, but they dont help me too much, all the comapnies sites say all the good and none of the bad (obviously) so its very hard to determine.
  5. Hi Thereth,

    I'm 6' 3" and 130+kg, find the Intruder really comfortable even on long rides, sits on 110k without a problem, reach 130k if you really want. Will be upgrading next month due to coming off restrictions but have not had any problems with the bike at all. Lots of fun to ride and cheap to run.
  6. If your concern is 110kph then ensure you get a liquid cooled 250 rather than the air cooled ones. My recommendations (since you said new) would be either the Hyosung GV250 or the Kawasaki Eliminator 250. Both are water cooled, and the Eliminator has a 6 speed gearbox rather than a 5.

    Garou just did 4500km through NSW on his GV250 and mostly kept up with my on my Roadstar (only the hills slowed him up a bit). I don't have any first-hand knowledge of the EL250 but it should be a similar experience.
  7. The GV250 is oil/air cooled, with the added disadvantage that it's a Hyodung...
  8. I've grown massively attached to my Suzuki VL250. Now that the gearbox has won in, it's buttery smooth snick snick snick. And the engine note is fantastic to listen to while you play with the engine.

    It's going to be difficult going up to a different bike.

    Edit: Never a single issue with the bike. Cheap as chips to run too.
  9. Eliminator for me

    I'm a much smaller rider than you - 5'7", 68kg, so my advice might not be relevant. But to me you can't go past my VN250 eliminator. For looks it wipes the floor with any other 250CC cruiser, and I've been pleasantly surprised by the grunt - I can hit 80km/h in 2nd gear, and have cruised comfortably at 130km/h. The gearbox is a little clunky, but other than that I'm in love.
  10. hey, thanks for the advise, anyone have any experience with the Yamaha? havent seen anything mentioned and would like some views on them if anyone has anything to share.......
  11. Both the Yamahas - that is the XV250 Virago and XVS250 star-something-or-other are air cooled motors, they'll feel more cruiserish but just won't have the same power as the others. I'm 6'5 and +150kg, I learnt on an XV250. Not recommended.
  12. My take on the XV250 Virago - fantastic bike, very easy to handle, and very comfy. For h/way cruising I wd've liked a 6th gear but no problem doing a consistent 130 (but then I'm 5' 5" & weigh under 60+kg)!

    I sold mine off with a big tinge of regret, so easy to ride/commute be it hway or traffic, and being lightweight, it's enjoyable to just roam around in.
  13. the GV 250 will easily do 110 with a $70 jet kit and some exhausts. handels very well once you do the front pads and most people including bike riders think it is a lot bigger. don't let the Hyosung knokers get you down most are good and i can find someone to give you a horror story on almost any bike. lean angle and tank range is good as you get a lot of space in WA
  14. It will do that without those mods too, even under a 140kg 6ft rider.