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GV 650 Trend killer project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by inspired, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    I have just purchased a 2007 GV 650 with the aspiration of making it into the Trend Killer project.

    If successful, I'm going to produce some kits which would be able to be fitted by other GV 650 owners which will include all parts including the 240 rear.

    The majority of the costs associated will be with sourcing wheels and tyres front and rear which will be custom made.

    In order to judge final prices for the kit and costs associated with the production I'm just trying to get a feel for the average costs people would be willing to depart with for the entire Trend kit.

    Any valued criticism, abuse and information would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Having done many klms on a gv650 I thought it handled really well. I would think a 240 tyre would hurt its handling similar to my mates vrod that has a 240 rear on it. Although I have heard metzler make a 240 tyre that is alot rounder than the one on the vrod that is pretty flat. Good luck with it anyway
  3. Thanks basejumper. I have also read up on the metzler and it has had some great reviews. I am contemplating originally testing it with the rear from the Suzuki M109R.

    Here are some photos of the Trendkiller which was originally made by a company in Germany back in 2007. I have attached some photos for those that are not aware of the Trend Killer. TrendKiller1. TrendKiller3. TrendKiller5. TrendKiller6.

    Attached Files: