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Guzzi servicing

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by MZ, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. Hello all
    I have a question to the Guzzi owners . Do you do your own servicing or take it to a shop to get done ? I do some myself but I an just about to clock up 20000Ks and time to get the timming belt done . So can any Guzzi owners recomend a shop that does good work in the Newcastle / Sydney area as I am not to keen to do this myself

  2. I do oil and filter changes, but that's about all.

    Most Guzzi owners I've spoken to do more than that... Guzzi's tend to attract independant types.

    Another issue is that not a lot of shops have much experience with Guzzis...
  3. Pete Roper in Buginindor{sp} near Canberra,he is an authorised service provider.Its a long way up well worth it I hear.You get good info from the Guzzi club,get in touch with Brett
  4. I don't think he'll be making the 5 hour trip to Bungendore from Newcastle for servicing somehow.
  5. And in the five years that have passed, he may have come to a solution.
  6. (I'll be typing this for the very first time in my online life. Take the credit, Liley.)

  7. Necro.
  8. Maybe he needs a topend rebuild by now,Petes still around in he Dor
  9. You've got to love a good zombie thread :)
  10. Suggest strongly you check date stamp on reply above mine before going off half cocked.
    Egg on face much?
  11. What makes you think I didn't?

    none at all.