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Guzzi Riders?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gix750, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. I was just wandering how many Guzzi riders are there on this forum?

  2. We are just the ragged fringe! :)
  3. Used to have a 500cc Mark 2.
    I learnt more about repairing bike problems with that bike than any other.
    It had loads of character however.
    Some of the new models look very nice, some I am not so fond of.
    I admit I have a fondness for Euro bikes. The only problem I see with Guzzi's here is that there are just not enough shops selling them and it is nigh on impossible to get parts for any of the older models.
    Yes, I know about Stein Dinsa, he sent me the wrong part several times.
  4. There are heaps of places to get parts for old (and new) Guzzis!!!

    SD is just a minor one. And they specialise in non standard accessories. And wouldn't be my first stop for most parts.

    It's easier to get Guzzi parts than it is to get Honda parts! Cheaper too. I think you weren't looking too hard.
  5. Could you elaborate on this statement a little more for us please :shock: :shock: :roll:
  6. I'm not aware of many Guzzi riders on the forum, but two that I do know are ZX1200R who rides a Le Mans and Kyzmos who rides a Breva.
  7. Easy to get Guzzi parts? Really? thats why the second hand guzzi dealer at Tempe closed in 98 was it?
    Thats why only one dealer in the WHOLE of OZ had an oil filter cover for the Mark 2 was it?
    Post me up some websites for OLD Guzzi parts please?
  8. I think Steve (greenguzzi) has some very special sources to keep his fleet alive, Jaq. His daughter's 500 is just beautiful.....
  9. Well, horny ole boy, get him to share, so we may all enjoy the benefits and perhaps upgrade our oversized scooters.
  10. Send him a PM and get some info from him, he's a real nice guy and he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the breed (plus he owns two vintage Honda CX-500/650 Shadows too!)

    He got his MKII (?) Le Mans for a song from a guy in Darwin, it had been in his driveway for years and the guy virtually gave it away to get rid of it :LOL:

    *edit* before you ask, I will answer!! (greenguzzi will understand that!! :LOL: )
  11. Yeah, fair enuf.. I own four old Guzzis and four old Hondas.

    Whenever I need parts for my Guzzis I go down the road to Moto One and get what I want over the counter (same day) for a good price. (And the very best service you will ever get anywhere!)

    Or I can go to A1 as an alternative. (Also great service, but a bit further down the road for me.)

    If I need some major part for a good price I go on the Internet and I have a dealer in Holland, another in Italy and another in the UK who will post it to me in less than a week. There is also a great second hand dealer in the UK who will FedEx parts ASAP.

    If I want some some second hand parts I can go to Franc at EuroBrit or Martin at Jackson, or one of the many interstate dealers.

    If I need some bling I can go to SteinDinse.

    Then there is the other enthusiasts at AIGOR.

    However, when I need bits for my old Honda CXs I have to go to a Honda dealer. They ALWAYS have to order the parts in (they never have it over the counter- and can take many WEEKS to come in). Some parts for my CX650 are either no longer available or cost more than the bike is worth. And, unlike Guzzis, are very hard to get second hand.

    Old Guzzis are much easier to live with than old Hondas. (As much as I like them both.)
  12. Green...well thanks for that. We didn't have the Internet at my place back in the late 90's, when Roger closed his shop at Tempe we just gave up.
    Sold the Guzzi to a bloke who wanted a Ducati...odd but true.
    We had a CX 650 for a few years also...again when parts were hard to get or expensive we sold it.
    It's why I stick to BMW, Ducati and Jap bikes that are still in production.
  13. Why thank you Mr H. ! .... Me and Smel (my daughter) built it. Here's a pic.

    Do you people really want me to post the links to all those Guzzi suppliers? I'd be happy to if that's OK. We need more out here on the ragged fringe! :grin:
  14. Thanks, guzziman. I am a big fan of the guzzi, but was always concerned about parts..... you mean A1 in brighton?? Is this for all guzzi's?
  15. Hey Steve, lovely pic from Jindabyne. It IS a sweet little bike, there's no doubt about that.....
  16. G'day SteveG,??
    'Got the bits for that Nevada yet?
    Interesting you mention Guzzis & Hondas...My '98 'Guzzi California has CR125 fork seals,CB 900 front B/pads & Deauville 650 rear B/pads fitted.
  17. Yup,'few here...what do you think of the Griso?
  18. Hi John!

    Yep StevenG here! :)

    The crank and conrods turned up on Thursday. Teo Lamers are bloody great!

    I still need to get some alloy welding done.


    And everyone has gone to PI. Still, I should get it done sometime next week.

  19. Yep, true story! The PO of my Mk II is a client of mine. He invited me over to his place for A beer. I had already told him about my love of Guzzis when I saw his HD Sportster 1200 that he turned up to work on. So when I saw the Guzzi Le Mans in his driveway I was very interested!

    He offerd it to give the Guzzi to me if I'd buy him a new air cleaner for his HD (A very nice piece of Bling!).
    So $500 later and I was the proud owner of a Mk II!!! :grin: