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Guzzi; laverda and Old dukes i think i have found your man..

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by ward_4e, May 19, 2007.

  1. I went black tracking today looking for a clutch bolt for the vfr. I two dealerships so love. I rang one wrecker to be told that he wouldnt have it... But he knows a guy who does seciality bolts.

    Bolts for Bikes;
    531 Gympie Road, Kedron, Qld 4031
    Ph (07) 3861 4626
    Fax (07) 3861 4655

    Open fridays and saturdays from 9ish till 4ish.... I wish i could remember his name i think it was Tom.

    From the moment I arrived you have to cross a bridge... back say 30 years to a time when motorcycles breeded mechanics and workshops looked more like junkyards with useful tools mixed in.

    I introduced myself and he put down his grinder and we talked 100% of the time he used to run a dealership and now has his shop doing "specialty bolts". The entire time i was there i counldnt beleive the entire shop was full of hi level motorcycle shop gear; Oil based dynamometer, shelves of parts and from the four guzzis he had in his shop from his racing days he has what alot of the other shops dont have. Knowledge.

    I was just there for a simple clutch bolt, he said he specalised in european but he would have a look... Turns out after searching his boxes and racks didnt have it so he made it. He didnt just cut up and rethread a bolt for me he took complete measurement made a bush on his late, found a 6mm threaded bolt and found a lock nut to tie it off...

    We didnt stop talking the entire time...

    SO if you have a guzzi or an old duke with issues and you live in birsbane head to gyimpie road cross the bridge and look to your left.
  2. well spotted.

    thats a "keeper"
  3. Absolutely excellent... :grin:
  4. I asked around...I think he's Ted Montague??