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Guys - Ride in Sydney somwhere - Lets organise it!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Commando_NSR, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. People,

    I think we need to organise a ride this weekend, potentially Saturday.

    Maybe up Old Pacific HWY or to Wollongong.

    Who is up for this????



    [marquee] Lets go riding on Saturday [/marquee]
  2. Have a look in the NSW ride section.. there is a ride on Saturday to Tarana Pub via Blue Mountains.. Its beautiful in the mountains this time of year!
  3. I say let's put up a run for the saturday after this one. Old Pac or RNP would be GREAT.
  4. Thread?

    Sounds great mate, wil organise closer to this time.

    one question in the Rides in NSW section.

    he says the meeting place will be discussed in Thread????

    What does this mean????
  5. Well if I am thinking of the right run, the meeting place was going to be at Scrambles and he posted his/Haggismaen's phone numbers for people who didn't know where to go.

    But I think the run was called off, cos there wasn't much interest. Still post on the thread about the Blue Mountains run and see what comes of it.