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guys..problem - 3-4 jobs..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by not_sane, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. Hey guys,
    For the last 7 months I have been working at Boeing House in the city and after about 2 weeks I realised how much i hate crunching numbers. bout a month and half ago i got my act toghether and applied for a heap of jobs on the net.

    Now i have 3-4 jobs.
    Boeing House (My current Job) - Administration and some scheduleing and Cost analysis.

    Electronics apprenticeship - Workshop down at Rocklea award winning company that has warehouses around aus, fiji etc they are a packaging company that has automated assembly lines, the workshop i'll be working at they make 2L,5L10L and 20L drums of paint etc. my job will be with the engineer that already works on site would be to maintain, fix and come up with new and more efficent ways for the machinary to work. They have automated welders and heaps of other stuff.

    Then after my apprenticeship i'd be looking to some sort of technology research company to create new gadgets etc. plus side to this job, i'll be able to fix anything...

    Electrical apprenticeship - wiring up units, houses and other little jobs here and there. would be throughout the city most of the time and up/down the coast every now and then.

    Civil Drafting Engineer - based in the city, not sure what they draw or do yet. interview is on tuesday. I'm confident that i'll get this job cause i have some experience with drawing and can present myself fairly well.

    aside from that I have had the absolute WORST WEEK OF MY LIFE and i cant sleep again, so i really don't have the mental capacity to be able to think straight....

    had a draftsment last night tell me to do electronics and and electronic technician this morning tell me to do drafting...

    any thoughts woul be really appreciated
  2. I think you should move to melb and become my house cleaner. Ill pay you $3 an hour and let you have as much chocolate from my supplies as you like.

    (I dont want to get up at 7.30 ever again :cry:)
  3. After being a draftsman for 10 years, I'd say do the electrical stuff as well!

    Nowadays most drafting is computer based (the old standard was autocad and sparcstation or something or other) with loads of other drafting applications and add ons. Autocad lite is really popular these days too.

    It's hard to say what a "Civil Drafting Engineer" would do - most civil works I was involved in had to do with roads & drainage, but that could vary depending on who the company is. There always seemed to be lots of variety and new jobs always brought new challenges with the scope to learn new skills in different disciplines. Being able to conceive the project, put it on paper then communicating the details and the like to everyone from project managers, engineers to tradies and contractors.

    Expect real long hours and real bad coffee addiction (during commissioning works there were way too many 24 hour days following eachother!)

    Good luck with all the jobs - hope you get lucky!



    PS I think I'd go for the Rocklea one - it would give you the chance to design, draw, and then commission projects - more fun than just drawing!
  4. F*** me. I'd give my good eye to have your "problem"!
    You've got the world in front of you, multiple choices to pick from, people willing to train you on the job and the freedom to choose based on what you FEEL LIKE doing. Fer chrissake.
    When you've got NO job, redundant skills and a fairly high score on the age board, THEN you'll have a right to complain :evil: .
  5. haha nah doesn't work like that.. i'm the master and your the sex slave
    I'll bring the chocolate :wink:

    :D thanks es... i needed to laugh this morning.

    Marty H

    I think i will be going one of the trades. drafting will always be just drafting and inside and the same things over and over. surveying would be a different story but i'm not going into that right now...

    What you just mentioned is the reason why i want to be a sparky, plus my dad is a sparky and builder by trade so i have a bit of knowledge on the apprenticeship and would enjoy it i think. I just don't know if the electronics apprenticeship would be better.

    haha i don't know bout the overalls, but the tool belts get em riled up.

    My only problem is, i know how much I've hated my existing job and while drafting would be more interesting i just don't know if i'm supposed to sit on my ass all day inside away from sunlight... i think i'm too active a person... i think i've gotten quieter since i started working at boeing.. i'm not sure if this is where i want to be...

    so get off your ass and go to tafe a couple of nights a week while your still doing what your doing and then get a job you like doing. you may not get trained for free but you can still do it. why is it that people for some reason think if your over 25 you'll be doing the same shit for the rest of your life. are you a hermit??? get out and do what you want. who gives a fcuk if it takes you a couple of years to get there. beats the shit outta working the next 30 or so years fcuking miserable and getting paid peanuts
  6. In the good ol' days of huge drawing boards, rotring tattoos and sore backs, we always had the window seats because the natural light was better to work with!

    It wasn't all indoors - when I was on site, you'd be there a few hours before the contractors turned up, the you'd be on site all getting the work done right, then remain after everyone else left to update and review your designs or when some dipsh%t architect decided that they wanted a curved road instead of straight, or local authorities changed the requirements for fire services, or....well, you get the idea!

    So I went back to uni and became a forester....


  7. Firstly, don't assume you know what I have or haven't done.
    As it happens I've done hundreds, perhaps thousands, of hours of entirely self-funded re-training, all in my own time. Right now I'd love to have a couple of nights free (and the money!) just to indulge myself in some training. I've changed jobs - and job fields - more than a few times as societal changes cause some professions to dry up and others be created. I've worked for a good employer ot two, bad employers, even worse employers and also worked for myself.
    YOU haven't lived long enough to experience that.
    I perhaps should have been more cognisant of that fact, and therefore maybe slapped you a bit hard.
    The point, if I can make it a bit less harsely, is that I think you are enjoying a charmed period in your life where people are willing to do things for you and give you opportunities. You probably don't have many responsibilities and are free to choose (OK, I'm guessing).
    All I'm saying is enjoy it - It's not a problem, its a luxury.
    Now, can we play nice?
  8. mate fair enough... I would have thought that more or less meant decision then a problem. i'm not in shit but i have a problem because i can't pick what i want to do cause i don't know enough about them which is why i posted it up.

    yeah it is a very charmed period of my life... you did catch me in a bad moment....

    but from the way your words came accross whether you meant it or not.. i really think you need a holiday, maybe a new job or go smash the prick thats poking you with a stick

    i'm done...
    i'll play nice
  9. Marty we need to talk about that $5k I lent you back in 69......

    Send me a PM to arrange drop off (cash in a brown paper bag, used notes please).


    I'd prob go for the Electrical apprenticeship myself.
  10. I'm in electronics. Senior technical officer / non-degreed engineer. Worked for lots of different companies doing lots of different things. Been self-employed. While the plum jobs can be scarce, and the repair industry is drying up due to our throw-away society, and there's not a real lot of electronics manufacturing going on in this country, I probably wouldn't change anything I've done.

    Go the trade.
    Never stop learning.
    Be a self-starter.
    Be adaptable.
    Realise that wherever you work, there'll always be something/someone that ticks you off. Live with it.
    And do what you enjoy doing. The perfect job is the one you would gladly do for nicks, because you love it so much.

  11. you're not wrong! :p
    For what it's worth, the apprenticeship options don't sound too bad. Be careful of jobs that are technology based unless you are prepared to aggressively update your skills all the time for the rest of your life.
    Because sooner or later the young'uns are simply going to outpace you :?
  12. Keep telling yourself that Marty!!! :)
  13. Amanda
    So does that mean you think the Electrical rather then the Electronics apprenticeship?

    and finding that job or knowing what it is my problem

    Your opinion is worth a lot and updating my skills and knowledge wouldn't be a problem

    I'm just wondering if i'd rather be out and about all the time (Electrician) using all the new technology or being the one that sits down and designs it.
  14. Wouldn't like to give a definitive answer on that one. They both have their pro's & con's.

  15. Titus....

    Give the guy a god damn break, he wasn't complaining he was asking for some advice as to what direction to choose.
  16. Titus....

    Give the guy a god damn break, he wasn't complaining he was asking for some advice as to what direction to choose.
  17. Working where I do (Office of Training & Tertiary Education - Victoria) I went and asked our planning people which areas are predicted to be needed - they won't go beyond 10 years and the answer (specifically for Victoria but can be extrapolated nationally) was that there is a projected demand for all three.

    In order of need it's the electronic and electrical at about the same followed by the drafting.

    My brother did an adult apprenticeship as an electrician followed years later by a diploma of electronics followed later again by IT at Latrobe. (he works on control systems, "smart" buildings etc.) I asked him his opinion and he said if he was looking he's look for the electronics.

    FInd out more about exactly what you end up with out of the electronics training. There is more than one apprenticeship that gives you an electricians ticket (some electronics ones do as well. My brother-in-law did an apprenticeship as an electrical fitter and mechanic which also gave him a A grade electricians certificate.

    Most importantly though (and it doesn't make any difference which one you do), you will constantly need to keep learning and upgrading and refreshing your knowledge - ask any of the numerous IT professionals here :? That's a good reason to take whichever one really interests you. If it's something you enjoy it makes all the subsequent keeping up a labour of love rather than a necessity...

  18. i went out and got myself a phd in electro-mechanical engineering and ended up being a contract drafter (and the 'trust me i am a doctor' line doesnt work, i have tried)

    i love drafting, no hassles, no responsibilities, pays well enough so that i dont have to worry about paying bills and such like, and i am not in the office 100% either, i go out detailing and surveying about 30%

    and the good thing about contract work is that if you want a few days off you just take em, no worries about having enough holidays or any of that crap.

    try it, you might like it