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guys buying ladies gear = no warranty? What tha??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Audible, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. Bought a pair of Teknic super vent gloves ready for the summer last month. After a few wears they started to come apart at the seams, on the left hand at the cuff. So I took them back to the shop where I bought them with receipt and told that I should have bought mens gloves as they are a different shape (to suit a ladies smaller slender hands) and that the gloves coming apart was from me shoving my manly mitts into them which they are not designed for despite the fact that they fit near perfectly.

    I argued that the sales person had opened the packet and given the gloves (among others) for myself to try on before purchase. The shop said that their staff are trained not to sell ladies gear to guys and vice versa and the salesperson I dealt with was (guess what) no longer working there.
    The shop would not swap the gloves themselves and told me to go to the distributors who happily swapped the gloves for a mens size.
    The mens glove does fit differently, having more room around the cuff for bigger wrists and slightly longer fingers which makes them a poorer fit on my hands than the ladies version did.
    Afterwards I checked the other two pairs of gloves I own and lo and behold, my dririder nordics are also marked ladies and which I bought at another shop and again, given to myself by store staff to try on.

    I dunno what the truth is, whether there is a real warranty issue with men wearing ladies gear with the manufacturers or this shop just trying to dodge swapping the gloves which I hope is not the case given this is a well known Honda dealer!

    So has anybody else run into this scenario? Bought opposite gender gloves and had issues with warranty or salespeople telling you you should be buying same sex labelled gear?

    ...also got me a bit worried that ladies large sized gloves fit me better than mans meduim does! Don't tell the wife otherwise I'll be doing the dishes with my "ladies" hands!!! :p
  2. Just start going on about how this is descrimination against trannies and that you will press charges if they do not replace the immediately :grin:
  3. I'd say they're just trying to get out of it. If the glove fits, it shouldn't fall apart, right?

    I'm mainly impressed by how well you're handling this lol. If I found out all my gear was lady size I'd probably turn red for a week :shock: .
  4. Ermm, is that why there is so much room in the chest region of my jackets? :shock: :p
  5. Just pop on a dress and go back to the shop and try again for a refund?
  6. Send in your wife with the gloves.
  7. Make sure you send her in with the left one first :wink:

    Seriously though, if it's a glove and the glove fits they shouldn't be making an issue out of it. Properly fitting gear should be their first priority, doesn't matter which rack it comes off.
    And if it's fits you well and it's fallen apart anyway, then it would have to the quality that's the issue.
  8. It's faulty goods, they should replace it, tell them you will contact Consumer Affairs. If under warrenty they should replace.
  9. +1

    If an employee of the shop sold you the gloves then they need to sell them fit for purpose...

    Here is a link to the Vic Consumer Affairs Warranties and Guarantees page: http://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/CA25...&+Pricing~&2=180-Warranties+&+guarantees~&3=~

    I'm assuming it's pretty similar to what would apply in WA.
  10. You are being fed the biggest crock of @#*&

    I cannot believe the crap some salespersons come out with sometimes. :? There should be classes for people just starting in this industry to teach them about the products they are selling. :roll:
  11. yep, utter bulldust from the sales people. I have long fingers and find that gloves that are long enough are generally too loose. takes a lot of time to find a pair that fits.