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Guy shows off his girlfriend

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Esmae, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. This is the best thread i've ever seen, it takes till about post #17 to really start to get the giggles but it's worth it. I couldn't read for the tears in my eyes after a while.
    Those bodybuilders are funny dudes

  2. i dunno, i think its pretty sad that its a whole thread ripping on her looks. i thought it was all pretty shallow :?
  3. its been around the net a few times.

    Also, its clearly a setup OP.

    note the comment about the camera date, nonchalant comments about how shes "the most beautiful girl in the world", etc.

    regardless, it's an interesting demonstration of internet abuse, and the perversion of expectations of what the female form should look like brought about through mass societal objectification of women.

    :shock: (my better half would be proud of me for the above analysis.. :LOL: )
  4. Well, they are a bunch of body-builders, helping to redefine the world 'narcissism'. Only 'natural' that they are so intolerant of other people's physical shortcomings.

    Jeez, being a motorcyclist brings out such a 'social justice' streak in us, doesn't it?!

  5. I take it you think she's cute then? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or in her case, the beer holder!

    That is some funny shit, I've been crying for the past half hour..... :LOL:
  6. Nah. It's just this forum. :p


    Do I really need to answer that? Just because I'd keep away like the plague doesn't mean that she needs to be publicly humiliated.

    common... really, once the initial shock of seeing the pics has passed, you have to feel bad for the girl having over a million people do the internet equivalent of laughing at your face.

    regardless, I do condone photo chopping.

    (Although, a recent case where someone suicided due to internet abuse comes to mind)
  7. also what annoyed me was the number of comments which treated her as another object beside his car and dog, hinting that he should buy her plastic surgery as an "upgrade". all pretty low stuff

    whether or not its a joke thread, its still a real person in the photos
  8. True. :p

    Yeah, when people are having fun at someone else's expense, they tend to forget that while as humans we can weather a few snide comments here and there, being subjected to such a torrent of insult and merciless objectification (as junglist said) can cause real harm and reflects so very poorly on the values and decency of those party to it.

  9. i hda a good laugh, but that was at some of the gifs and DNWs, not the "your gf is ugly" stuff itself. thats not funny, thats just insulting.
    im a big fan of black humour, but it needs to be funny to be humour...

    but still. ive seen this pic all the time, but this "and then some" gif just tops it so well :LOL:

  10. Butterface.
  11. i'm in tears here and in pain from laughing so much...
  12. highlight the second post of pictures he has, right under the ass shot he has ritten in White typing (Strong frauiding lol) see efor urself
  13. mijority are wannabe Bodybuilders and very young. (14-16) called Misc* section
  14. I somehow forced myself to page 20, totally ghey :roll:
  15. I just find it constantly amazing that meat head wankers like that have worked out how to use the Internet. What a bag of shite.
  16. :LOL: :LOL:
  17. [​IMG]
    :LOL: I love all the misc pics in-between... :LOL: