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Guy nearly runs me off the road, then demands a mono???

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by hyo_duc, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. ok so this happened to me about a month or so ago. i should mention at the time i have only had my l-plates for 2 months.. AND THEY ARE HIGHLY VISABLE. so i have a hyosung gt250r. i was.. well on my home via plenty road (im from north eastern suburbs in melbourne, Vic, Aus). I was travelling away from the city near preston side. Basically there is a large sport complex. I was ahead of the group of cars behind me. i wasnt speeding, just infront.
    So there was a marone/silver holden jackaroo comoing out of this complex. Now plenty road is 3 lanes on both sides. the comples side had cars parked so now 2 lanes. this guy came out from the complex so i slightly slowd down by 5 or so kays. However this man stopped half way in my lane so i flashed my hi beams. i had a car to my left about 5 meters behind. At this stage im like shittttt. Then all of a sudden he came out straight in front of me so i had to swerve into the other lane missing that car on my left. I was at this stage only paying attention to what im gonna do without harming anyone around.
    Anyway thats not the worst part. So i kept riding, looking in my side mirros and seeing this guy weeve in and out of traffic, and to my luck a red light came on about 700m down the road.
    when that light turned green i rode off like normal, when i was travellking at about 70 kays, that holden jackaroo was beside me,the dickhead driver was screaming out the window. i couldnt hear anything. at first i ignored him. then he kepot going on, all i heard at start was mono, fukin... mono. i turned to him and his like 'do a fukin' mono or ill run you off the road'. I hearf that one. I decided to ignore him but he kept yelling. Mind you he was a scummy looking freak with his wife in the fornt, and i do beleive a kid in the back.
    So i looked at him frightened but acted like a man and gave him the finger. and tried to get away. he caught up and said it again then when i looked back, he quickly did a little swerve into me. just missing me by about a foot. I was screamin out 'mate iv got your rego u fu*&, et lost'. he couldnt have heard me though. i slwoed down. so did he, and again he swerved into me.
    Lucky i took then next left. I stopped the bike all shaken up called the cops and so forth... i dont know if they ever did anything in the end.

    Now where the hell is the common sense in a 40+ year old man yelling and acting like a dickhead to an L-PLATE, with his bloody family in the car at the time. Not only putting an inexperienced rider at risk, but also all those cars aorund him. If he is trying to be a man because i made him look like a dickhead by flashing my high beams at him, then he has serius... well no he already has serious issues by what he did.

    So now whenever i go on plenty road im always looking out for that car. And ill never forget his rego (QDH 746).
    And to put it out there, he WASNT drunk. ic ould tell by his driving.
  2. of recent im starting to get pretty damn fed up with dickheads. im usually pretty calm and patient. and i can sometimes excuse the whole "i didnt see you im sorry" but fukme dickheads like this have really gotton to me of late, im sick of it... who is with me...im thinking claw hammers and maybe a patch so we can recognise eachother
  3. yeah im with 100% of the way. i am normally a patient and calm guy too. just soo many bloody idiot in cars out there.
    good idea with the claw hammers and patch.
  4. Why didn't you just do a mono to shut him up?.......joke

    Sorry you had to experience something like that. The guy sounds like a real low life.
  5. wow that is such a shit situation

    reading all the problems people have with idiots sitting on their ass, following, trying to chase and run people off the road, this has got to be the worst road rage from a cager i've heard of

    if your worried about riding in the future, i would suggest you use your phone with a hands free kit with voice dialing

    throw the phone in your jacket

    if idiots like these harrass you again voice dial 000 and tell them exactly what is going on, that your using a hands free kit while riding as there is a tool trying to run you off the road, that you feel for your own safety n ill guarantee that within a few minutes they will pinpoint your location and have a squad car sitting on his ass

    i didnt believe they do this untill a friend of mine was once told NEVER pull over for a cop unless you are in a safe environment, eg: service station, shops or other people around

    1 night an unmarked cop car tried to pull her up, and she called 000 as she was worried, turns out the guy in the car was a serial ******/killer looking for another prey ;s

    call the cops whilst people are doing things like this!
  6. Was it Lisa or Lauren who told you this?
  7. there was situations like the above statement in queensland over the last few years, though the idiots wern't serial killers, they were thieves and rapists. I do believe they were caught.



  8. No worries, I therefore apologise if I've caused offence.
  9. [​IMG]


  10. Gold Loz!!
  11. heh neither!

    it happens everywhere
    this was down here in SA

    we now have idiots driving around with blue and red indash lights pretending to be cops just to get cars out of their way

    has happen to me once before, pulled over to the side and the car went rushing through

  12. Situations like this makes my blood boil. I fantasize about pulling a handgun out and pointing it at the cager and see their reaction then.
  13. YES! Kudos. Exactly how i think, love to see their reaction.
  14. You did the right thing, but probably should have just pulled over earlier and let the cockmuncher drive off or abuse you more.
  15. I would have pulled over and hoped they would just keep on going. Is this the best option. If you do pull over and they do to, do you take off again?
  16. yeah thats the problem though, it was a bit hard to pull over because i was on the inside. but lucky i did because if i had of kept going any time past i did, dont think i would have been on a bike anymore :(
  17. How many times do we hear "I slowed down and flashed my high beams and to my surprise he pulled in front of me"?

    Flashing high beams is misleading so don't bother. Just sort your road position, speed, escape routes, etc and keep riding alertly, and prepared to take evasive action if necessary.

    ...also, copping abuse, then responding with an insulting gesture and trying to get away was stupid. at the lights, i would've taken a *very* slow takeoff so that he gets ahead and is no longer my problem.

    ok, maybe i wouldn't do that but that's what is the more appropriate action, but i'm not riding a 250.
  18. I would. I have no inclination to hear why they think they are in the right.

    I'd also run a red if they got out of their car at lights (joining the cross traffic if not possible to get across).

    You never know if they will be the road rager that hates bikes and carries a crowbar.
  19. Well it did happen quick but i did at the red light take a slow take off, not slow slow, but reasonable. i was kind of shaky then too cause i did nearly get hit. But he did come after me which made things worse. And i did ignore him but again he wasnt going to shut up until i looked, and fianlly when i did look, i did nod my head to say 'no' but he did keep yelling.
    thats when i gave him the finger cause he was calling me a dickhead and so forth. (well something similar i cant remember what)
  20. *There are actually people who carry crow bars and hate bikies that much????? so to speak??