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Guy gets attacked by a Lion

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by davidp1984, Sep 8, 2009.

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  2. It was played several times on Sunrise this morning.

    I don't care how "tame" this lion was meant to be, hopping into the enclosure was foolish. Just think about the damage your average domestic moggie can inflict and multiply it.
  3. ..why the heck did they keep on pestering the thing once it had started to get fiesty??? :roll:
  4. Well it is a killing machine, and "playing" is natures way of practising killing.
  5. The reporter did pretty well not to bolt :)
  6. you know - my cat exhibits the same kind of behaviour

    he loves to play fight, usually a little light biting & padding at me with his paws like hes boxing. But sometimes he gets a bit too excited & starts to bite hard & use his claws. a lot.

    now he's just a cat and I have the sense to stop playing when he gets feisty.

    why he kept going when a LION decided to play fight i'll never know.
  7. Its like when the tiger in 'Siegfried and Roy' attacked one of them. Everyone was saying the tiger went crazy, but as Chris Rock put it, the tiger didnt go crazy, it went tiger.
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    He's got balls, but NOTHING on this guy.


    As he says in that clip, its all play and games, till bloods drawn, then the gears turn, and it becomes a kill.
  9. I think he was actually trying to get the thing to let go .... which of course, it didn't want to do. Although I don't think the method employed had quite the desired effect - probably irritated the thing more.

    This was a male lion, so perhaps he was reacting to the guy's pheromones or something.
  10. That's animal cruelty :evil:

    You shouldn't take food into his pen and then take it back off him again.
  11. You're kidding, right? :shock:

    I didn't hear or read about food - they're lucky he didn't completely shred them if that was the case. F*ck me, you don't have to be an animal behaviour expert to know the outcome if you try and take food off a lion, and a male one at that. Idiots! :roll:
  12. Actually i am mate. :)

    I was referring to the journo as food. Clearly the Lion had a little nibble and enjoyed the taste, personally i think they should of left him with it. We have plenty of journos.

    EDIT: oh, and i quite like the idea of not feeding journalists to lions as being a case of animal cruelty, someone should take up the cause.
  13. did anyone watch the doco on lions last night? channel 7!!

    the female lions are the ones yoou gotta look out for.. fiesty huntresses

  14. did they say anything about cougars??

    been looking for a cougar myself.........

  15. leopards is on next week.. but fingers crossed we get a new doco on cougars the week after!! ><'

    need to learn a few things about their hunting spots and stuff.. LOL.
  16. Piss orf Brownyy :p
  17. Damn! Sucked in! :oops:

    I should report you to the RSPCA for proposing an act so base and so vile - the lion could have ended up very ill after consuming the journalist. :p
  18. They didn't feed them circus clowns because they taste funny !


    Deb, Do you know any Wildcats ??
  19. +1

    It's like the guy wanted to get a few decent scars just so that he could have bragging rights down the pub later on.

    The lion was only a little tacker too. Imagine a full grown one doing that.
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