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Guy crashes infront of me

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by UDLOSE, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. #1 UDLOSE, Apr 23, 2012
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    I was riding my gf's bike at Marulen. I was in a group with 250cc or less. I was on a cbr250rr and he was on a RGV250 (I think). He'd fly down the straight and I'd get stuck behind him all lap. Earlier in the day I was stuck behind him for 3 laps not being able to pass do I did a really brave pass on him (no footage unfortunately) which I think upset him. In this session I caught up to him and he tried to turn up the heat when he noticed me. He tipped in too early so has to retip it but runs wide. Instead of squaring off the corner he tried to dial in more lean angle and dug the peg (solid rearset) in.


    I got some more footage that I'll put up later.


  2. oooh sparkly!
    this is why i can't understand solid rearsets on trackers...
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  3. Looks like he freaked out and forgot to lean into the corner. Was his bike alright? (and him)
  4. Needed to hang off the bike a bit more?

    Only guessing, seems plenty faster than me.
  5. I run solids on my 600 tracky but if they touch, I'm already off the tyre I reckon. On the 250 I deck toe slider all the time and occasional peg drag.

    Yeh he tipped in early then didn't tip in hard enough the second time, taking a wide high lean angle line.

    The guy was fine he broke the peg but they had it back out later.
  6. I hate that last corner. Out of interest what lap times do you run on the cbr250rr?
  7. 49 on the 250 road trim
    48 on my old Daytona 675 road trim
    47 on my cbr600rr track bike

    I ran out of brake pads on the 250 in the first session so I was pulling the front brake as hard as possible. I reckon I couldve matched my 600 time if I had brakes.
  8. well he ****ed that one up.

    marulan looks like a rad place to ride, would love to take the motard there for a ride. be interesting to see what the lap times are like compared to the roadbikes, i know angus reekie does 39's there on his motard. damn quick.
  9. Jimmy, I think the tard guys goes straight to racers category at marulan heheheh :p..........
  10. Yeh they love the place. 39 secs omfg! I've timed some tards at 45 sec.
    There was also a bunch of guys on cbr125s set up for that new class. They were in my group, man the cbr250rr felt like a 1000cc compared to those bikes.

    I love that track because it's so technical and it's like the road where the textbook lines aren't the best lines due to bumps and camber etc