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Guy at McDonalds keeps telling me to check oil level

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by RedWings01, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Yes (you f*ed up your oil change 2000km ago)

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  2. No (a little over the top mark is ok)

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  1. Hey guys,

    Its me again. I posted a few months back about changing oil on my bike and thought i finally figured how to do it. Well fast forward till last week, a guy came into my mcdonalds store (im a casual employee while doing school) telling the manager that my oil level was too low or something. I don't know how he knew or what because I had parked my bike on a slight uphill enough that the oil level would be low if looked through the glass. Anyway, I went home and checked on a flat surface and the oil level was a tad high (checked after letting bike sit for few mins after getting to operating temp). The oil is still in the oil glass window but id say like 30mm over the top mark.

    Anyways, I thought nothing of it, maybe he made a mistake so now today I found a note on my bike (see attachments) saying something about the oil levels?? I swear its the same dude as before. I don't understand what he means, my manual states that I need to get the bike to operating temp then letting it sit for a few mins before checking the oil level. It even states that if the oil level is towards the low mark, top it up to the top mark..... I believe that it is fine and Ive been running like this for 2000km already. He had no access to a flat spot or my keys to turn the bike on lol. I appreciate the effort but I'm just left wondering if he is correct and if I did the oil change wrong. At least he is trying to look out for my bike :)


    Thanks guys, by the way I know that my chain needs to be adjusted it has a really bad tight spot and a bad loose spot so im looking to replace the chain this month. Im currently running with it looser as if i tighten it more I start getting a scratching noise from the chain.

    Thanks again :)
  2. i would find out the the **** is and tell him to keep his fcuking hands off my bike
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  3. oh and its not meant to be funny
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  4. I swear he sat on my bike my adjustable clutch lever was on a different setting..........

    PS this is my oil level. Srry for the picture quality I couldnt be bothered to take a real pic.

  5. He will be some old dude or someone on the spectrum who is simply thinking they are being a really nice human.
    Perhaps he hasn't touched the bike but has looked at the oil window and seen no oil due to the lean.

    It sounds to me like your oil level is ok from what you describe. The only thing is the time it says to leave your bike cooling down. Make sure that's spot on, if so and the oil is in the right location she's berries.
  6. Yeh if he's sat on your bike that's full next level.
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  7. Yeah i completely understand. He is a old guy, he orders the same cheeseburgers with meat bacon and cheese only every time he comes. By no means am I angry about him checking Im actually happy that he at least wanted to help out. The manual doesnt specifically say how long to leave it just "a few min" so I leave it for about 3-5mins after turning off.

  8. Park your bike in range of the CCTV. Then bring him in and show him himself on the tape and tell him if he goes anywhere near it again you'll call the Police.
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  9. hes been fcuking with your bike
    even tells you how to check oil level
    although hes wrong because as you said incline makes a difference
    find out who he is as smash him
    if he knows this much about bikes
    he knows not to touch
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  10. Yeah I agree in that way. Why would you come up to a random parked bike, sit it upright and check their oil level for no reason?? It isnt his property why would he think its ok to touch it? I personally don't mind too much but I can see why It is an issue for others.
  11. perfect
    should know better
    smash him
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  12. I'm scared to give you a funny Greg you may bash me!:p
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  13. if he dropped it
    im sure he would just walk away
  14. i would have no hope
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  15. I want to do it but his response earlier.............
    he drops the bike i drop him
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  16. anyways you guys are safe
    your not old ****s
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  17. If his bike maintenance skills are as good as his spelling. ......................
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  18. Pot calling...
  19. feel the need for some urine mate
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  20. He thinks he is being helpful,how he came to the concussion your oil level needed his attention is very odd. Touching your bike without your approval is very much a step to far,you need to politely tell him so and if it doesn't sink in then go apeshit.
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