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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dougz, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. Well it's happened again. My poor baby's fallen over and I'm absolutely gutted

    Brij popped over to meet me at work to go for a ride and I thought I'd meet her out front because she wanted me to try and fix the visor on her helmet (it's one of those AGV ones that you need a degree in astrophysics to put on!). Anyway, I parked the bike on the gently sloping driveway with the stand facing uphill because I figured there was enough of a lean for it to stay upright, started to fix Brij's helmet and the next thing you know there's a huge bang and the bikes lying on Somerville Road.

    I think my insurance company is going to seriously look at putting my premium up soon... 3 x drops in under 12 months is pretty serious. The first one was when I had been riding for a total of 4 x days and slipped on some polished concrete while parking (my fault); The second was when I was rear ended in Williamstown by a tool in an Audi (not my fault), and now this. (my fault).

    It's insured so it's not too much of a hassle I s'pose, but I'm just upset because I love my bike and I simply HATE not being able to ride! It also means I'm now having to put up with public f**king transport for the next few weeks.

    Sorry guys, just needed an outlet.

  2. how much damage was done in a stationary drop??
    id be careful, and find out what sort of repair bill is going to be before running to your insurance company, you might be better of repairing it yourself. if its going to effect your premuim alot, and not cost you much more than you current excess, you'd be better of paying it yourself.

    also, the audi incident, if it was ruled to be in no way your fault, cant be held against you as long as there was another party to point the finger at and your insurnce company to chase. IE, if ou got the audi's plates and passed them on to your insurance company, then im prety sure they are unable to effect your NCB because they have the 3ed parties details who caused he accident.

    doog luck getting your bike fixed.
  3. Sorry to hear about the drop mate :cry:

    Whats the damage like?...if it's cosmetic i would maybe just live with it and then fix the bike up when you sell it...otherwise the insurance company will surely ream you...if it's broken levers or something like that I'm sre one of the fellow netriders would help you out and give you a hand replacing them if your not sure how.

  4. Fix it just before you sell it.

    Welcome to Gravity :)
  5. Using insurance for a 0km/h drop is just stupid, save the insurance for the big stuff.
  6. Not when you drop a big heavy faired bike, and it needs a top, side, ducktail fairing, tank, mirror, indicator etc

    On my Blackbird that would be a substantial cost, like most late model fully faired big bikes.....
  7. I've done a small highside on a 240kg+ bike and gotten less damage that.

    There is nothing wrong with having scratches or cracked fairing it gives the bike character and actually says yes! this bike does get ridden.

    The only time i'd replace the fairing or stuff like that is if it wont stay on the bike. Indicators are pretty cheap.
  8. Good for you, you go ride your scratched up broken bike then and let the rest of us have some pride in what we ride.
  9. Its called weight reduction! You can take pride in a thrashbike.
  10. Hmm, who is your insurance agent/underwriter??? As far as I understood it, you only need ONE claim (which isn't the fault of another party so the insurance can recover costs from them) to put your premium up compared to a premium with no claims at all (in past 3 or 5 years I think is the period).

    I'd love to hear of an insurance company that lets you make at least 3 (well 2 reading your OP) claims without raising your premium the following (payment) year :)
  11. How much is your excess?
  12. At first glance it appears that the fairing on the RHS is quite badly scratched up, I don't know if its cracked or not though yest. The indicator is broken, the handlebar has snapped off plus minor cosmetics to the can, mirror and pegs. I'm going to head back to work tomorrow and have a good look so I'll let you know.

    I'll get it towed to Staffords and see what they say regarding costs and make up my mind from there. I need to be able to sell it for as much as I can get when I go o/seas in March for a year and I think with the market as flooded as it is at the moment it might be wise getting it looking as schmick as possible.

    BTW: my excess is only $400
  13. Would it cost much more than $400 to repair ??

    Get a quote first and it may only be a couple of hundred bucks extra, which is not worth going through insurance..
  14. You will be lucky to get insurance at all, I would suggest you think twice about claiming if the damage is minor.
  15. Actually it can. A driver who has had a series of accidents, at fault or otherwise, can be deemed too high a risk for an insurance company to take on.

    Often, it suggests a lot about your competency... someone who gets rear ended might be a late braker etc, or drive erratically surprising other motorists.

    For example, we had a client who had four claims in three years for damage while parked. As it turned out, he couldn't park to save himself, and people were scraping against his car trying to fit in where he had used parked over the line and partly into other spots, or sticking out into passing traffic. He wasn't offered renewal.
  16. Thanks for the advice guys. I just decided to go back to work and have a good look at it and to be honest, the damage isn't all that bad. The handlebar is snapped off and the indicator is gone, but the scratches are not all that bad. The ones on the fairing I reckon will be repairable.

    So I'll send it to staffords on Monday and ask Ray what he thinks. It will probably be cheaper for me to repair it, though I might need a hand from someone.

    Now, even though I'm going overseas in March, I WILL be coming back. Surely my history will still be on file? Does anybody know?

    And yeah, this nob will work out where to park a bike :LOL:
  17. Well, at least the point is, in quite a few cases, it is better not to default to insurance for every knock and scrape - a two wheeled stability system is bound to be prone to gravity... :p. Better to wait until an audi driver runs you over before you make a claim for previous damage. :p
  18. I slid my bike off the road three years ago, busted a pannier bracket and scratched the left side fairing.

    I cried for months :LOL: well was upset for months and didn't look at the bike for two weeks after I parked it in the garage.

    That was 3 yrs ago and I replaced the pannier bracket and left the scratches as they were. Thats 3yrs and approx 60,000klms ago.

    No one notices unless I point it out, its a badge of honor for a traveled bike. I like my bike looking good, polished rims etc. But I own it to ride it.

    Fix what you must and ride it.

    The pain lessens as time goes by, you will survive :cool:
  19. :WStupid: +1