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Guten Tag

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ChArMs, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. Heya Guys & Gals how are you all?

    Just thought i would try out my very minimal german knowledge haha

    I'm new as you know thats why most of us post in this section :wink: hehe

    I'm from syd :grin:

    I am going to do my Pre L's Riders Course Next week! :cool:
    Can't Wait!!

    As for a 2 wheeler i don't have one as yet will be seeking one in a few months time once i compete the stages to get a Licence :grin:

    Great Site This Is!! :cool: keep Up The Good Work!! :grin:

    So any sydney siders who arent psycho paths :wink: :LOL: wanna meet up when i get a bike would be fun :wink:
    Cause i'm gonna need some practice haha :shock:

    Take Care Be Smart Be Safe Eat Your Vegetables!

    :LOL: :grin:
  2. ich haiser flexorcist...
  3. Ha Ha :rofl: You're funny!

    Welcome to NR
  4. welcome to netrider,

    would we ride bikes if we werent pyscho is one way or another? question is can you see past our crazyness long enough to haave a convo and realise we are people who love what we do RIDE BIKES woohoo least your not another melbourne noob

    wanna buy a gs500f? :LOL:
  5. i'd say welcome in german - but i don't know how.....so......


  6. Welcome Charms :grin:
  7. welcome fellow noob...

    hit me up once u get ur bike dude... im up for a ride anytime..

  8. dude he's a she :LOL:
  9. Welcome!!! where bouts in sydney are you from? Good luck with your l's... you'll love it :cool:
  10. Hi there Charmaine, welcome to Netrider. :)
  11. Wilkommen ChArMs,
    are you relted to the Charmed ones? j/k ;)
  12. Hi Charmaine and welcome to NR.

  13. Charmaine, [​IMG]

    Note: .. Charmaine is not related or affliated with the Charmed coven :LOL:
  14. Hallo Charms, wie geht es ihnen? :)

    Lol, welcome, hope to see you riding around this area soon! And x2 on what gixxer said, always up for a ride :D
  15. Welcome to riding Charmaine, good luck with your course.
  16. yeah good luck tomorrow charms
  17. yup!!! good luck hun! you'll be sweet
  18. Thanks for the lovely welcomes!! :grin: :)

    Donshe guter dank im wie über sie? :LOL:

    Thanks for the Luck!! im attending first day 2morrow! :grin: :grin: :cool: :cool:
    should be good hope its not too hot!!
  19. Im sorry, my high school German means I can't reply to that !

    Don't worry about the weather, I did my whole course in rain, fun nonetheless.

    Enjoy it. :)