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GU's rides

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by GuJohnno, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Went and got my licence at Baylink in Hastings.
    All went well and everyone there passed easily.

    Went straight from there to Mornington Kawasaki and picked up a Kawa ZZR250 that I had bought.

    First ride on the roads was all good, couple of minor mistakes. Took a little while to get to proper speeds. It seemed like I was flying but I was only doing 70Km in a 100 zone.
    The hardest part of it all was turning up at my parents and breaking the news to them! lol

    Was going to put some pics up but I cant untill I had some more posts up... :roll:
  2. Congrats! Im new too, breaking the news to mum was quite difficult, atleast she is in NZ so I cant get too much of an ear full! Dad on the other hand is stoked! "Its been years since we've had a bike in the family...."
  3. They were't too bad, but they have always talked me out of it in years gone by. So this time I just went and did it and rode around there once it's all done.
  4. Hey mate, ride safe and enjoy the new ride. Bike looks great!
  5. Welcome to NR and congrats on the licence
  6. What a shame you don't live in NSW :(.

    Congrats anyways.....
  7. Thanks guys.

    I've been riding every day and have done 455Kms in just 3 days.
    Have ridden in the rain wind and at night.
    It's the wind I hate the most so far.

    Anyway, so far so good. I'm really enjoying it.
  8. Yeah. It's the wind that really upsets me.

    Which is a pity really because I quite like beans and understand they are full of nutrients and fibre.
  9. Oh maan, that joke reaaallly stunk! :LOL:
  10. Congrats man. Stay safe. I saw a ZZR250 in the flesh today, was the first time i noticed how BIG they are! Is it just me or are they huge?
  11. Well I've had my L's for over 3 months now and going for my licence on Saturday. So hopefully I can loose that yellow L off the back.

    Ive done some 7,000Kms now, so feeling pretty confident going into the test.
  12. good luck Mate :)

    Not that you will need it.
  13. Peeeuuuwww! :shock: :sick:


  14. How tall are you? :LOL:

  15. Well??? How'd you go????????????????? :?

  16. :grin: :grin: Only lost 4 points out of a possible 40 :grin: :grin:

    So pretty happy about it. Now to get that pesky yellow plate off the back of the bike.
  17. :woot: :roses:

    Well done! Another P plater! :grin:
  18. Nope, no P plate for me :grin:
    I have a full car licence so I don't have to display the P plate. But still on restrictions for another 12 months.
  19. congrats :)