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gu's hunt for a bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by supagu, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. okay, next week i return to my home town of Adelaide and i'll be looking for a bike :grin:

    I'm wanting something faired around the 600cc mark.
    I'm short especially in the legs.

    My last bike was a honda vt250f it was about as high as i can go on a bike yet still be comfortable (so around 74-75cm seat height)

    on my list of new bikes to look at:
    kawa er-6f
    hyosung 650r comet
    (suggest something if you know of something else to add to this list)

    It will most be used for commuting, and the odd weekend run through the hills. Probably even travelling interstate occasionally as well.

    I want to know of any bike shops around adelaide where i can look at a bunch of different bikes and some places that will let me take bikes for a test ride as well.
    as well as good places to get a good bargin when it comes time to buy.

    so my list so far includes:
    bill motorcycles - these guys seems to have a lot of bikes

    btw im also interested in near new bikes
  2. SV650s
    VFR 750/800

    Not faired but any of the monsters, and there not too $$$$ (for a Duc)
  3. the guzzi breva 750 and nevada have low seats. maybe not as powerful as the asian 600's but the breva at least is gorgeous (IMHO)
  4. had a look at a sv650 today, could just reach the ground. It seemed fairly comfy, how ever i wouldnt want to have to brake 2 hard on it *cough*. Sounded nice as well.
    The width of the 600cc+ bikes seems to scare me a bit.

    Tomorrow im going to look at some more bikes and maybe take some for a test ride.

    went to bills motorcycles in the city, they seem to not have much of a variety.
  5. One word kawasaki zzr600 :grin:
  6. my dads mate just bought an 800cc monster...i think thats what it is. They lowered the rear suspension for him and raised the bars, he is about 5'2-5'4 and it fits him nice, ducatis are a naturally thin bike, due to the engine configuration, so the 800 will be narrower than the 600 sports bikes your looking at.

    Only problem is that it isnt faired.
  7. Try Peter Stevens in Franklin St. - and make sure you ask about the "bike shed" - they're currently renovating the sportsbike section of the shop, so a lot of the 2nd hand stock is across the road in a warehouse. The accesories shop is also opposite the main showroom now and they're all friendly enough in there with a decent selection of bikes and gear too.

    Other places in Adelaide to try:
    Yamaha World (South Road)
    Pitmans Yamaha (420 North Road - heard good things about this lot)
    Honda World (South Road)
    Bolton's Kawasaki (edited) ooops - meant North Road

    Have a look in http://www.yellowpages.com.au/siteEntry.do;jsessionid=15aixrj9ehscq.yp2004_22124 for more.

    If you're after a ducati, then there's a place up on North Road (I think) and one in the city 'round corner from PS somewhere.

    I really like this article from 2006 http://www.biketestusa.com/Article_Page.aspx?ArticleID=3301 and on the basis of this alone will be testing a Triumph Daytona (for the looks and sound alone) when my 15 months are up with my R's... :grin:
  8. had a look at a hyosung today, seemed as chunky as a 1000cc, probably too big for me, how ever peter stevens didnt have 1 available for a test ride, so if any one knows of another place in Adelaide were I can take one for a test ride would be great.

    Had a look at an kawa er-6f (at boltons kawasaki), seems very nice, good height, comfy, doesnt feel overly wide.

    Also had a look at a GSXR600 and a gs500f (peter stevens), the gs500f the gs500f felt comparable to the er-6f.

    So far im liking the er-6f.
    Test rides planed for the gs500f tomorrow, taking the er-6f for a spin saturday

    yamaha world and honda world had nothing suitable.
  9. just got back from gs500f test ride, man that is a nice bike!
    I've been riding my bro's yamaha 185cc around while looking for bikes, and after the test ride, i can tell you getting back on that yamy made me cringe!

    the suzuki was so smooth, i thought it would be 2 large in the shop but on the road it seems like a nice height unless i needed both feet down. Lowering about an inch might help there :)

    it didn't feel as intimidating/massive when on the road :D
    it was easy to speed :D very easy to brake as well

    it even put my old vt250f to shame :p
  10. took an er-6n for a ride today, simply awsome :) not as massive as the gs500f, more upright seating position, feels like it had more grunt.
    Felt lighter and more manoverable then than the gs500f.
    The digital speedo is nice, and im probably going to pick up one of these monday, the '08 model

    if any one knows of any other kawa dealers or of any second hand ones available let me know :)
  11. I love the looks of the er6n. Glad to hear it fits you well and it sounds like you know what you want now that you've ridden it. GL on the purchase