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Guns N' Roses

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by crash_tester, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. the new cd came out last week (22/11/08) "Chinese Democracy"

    i cant stop playing it :cool: 14 years in the making and i think its brilliant
    allthough its more like an Axl Rose solo album, i dont care :p

    anyone else manage to get a copy?
  2. planning to this week
    worth getting you say ?.
  3. Went to the concert last year and loved it, i know there's no Slash and co. but hearing Axle was still GOLD!
  4. nice one. the new metallica album is on high rotation for me.. long waited but worth it.
    bring back Skid Row.. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Wow young people like Gunners! I am yet to hear the new album but recently go the new ACDC album and although I still like the earlier stuff it has really appealed to my 9YO son and it's on high rotation, time to introduce Guuners to the lad. :cool:
  6. young ?. high school was all about the gunners and motley crue.
  7. Matti! You're not allowed to refer to 'young people' when you're only 42...tsk tsk :grin:

    Yep, ACDC seem to have crawled back...I was never a fan, but Guns n' Roses I like...haven't heard their new CD, but new stuff is never as good as the old stuff, whatever the band, imo.

    They'd be pushing it up hill to top November Rain :cool:
  8. rocket queen ?.
  9. yes definitely :cool: :cool:

    the songs remind me of the "band" peeping tom (mike pattons side project....remember him??) some are way out there

    favourite song is "sorry" has a "metallica" feel to it :cheeky:

    if you are expecting an appetite for destuction type feel you may be disapointed, the CD takes about 2-3 listens with headphones to catch every sound,

    i have listened to it over 30 times and still enjoying it :music: :music: :music: :dance:
  10. with my last name being PATON.. one T less than the other Mike I have been forced to get into his stuff.. all i can say is Faith no more - live at Brixton.
  11. Not sold, have tried a few listens and I'll be sticking to Use your Illusion I & II and Appetite for Destruction for my gunners fix.
  12. Biggest pile of crap since Death Magnetic came out a few months ago. 13 years in the making?? Sheesh :roll:

    My problem is that I grew up on 'Appetite' & '...and Justice' etc so this stuff is just a weak copy IMO.

  13. WORD :D Mike and Co (when in Faith No More) were going on to stage and stopped in their tracks when they saw me wearing a "personal" designed Long Sleeve Napalm Death t-shirt designed by the man himself Bill Steer in '90 I think it was? We had a good 3-4 minute chat about life and then it was announced that talking to me had made them late to go on stage :LOL:

    Ah, the fun days of playing with bands and seeing live stuff 2 to 5 times a week, week in and week out for like many many years. HEAVEN :grin: :grin:
  14. you lucky little fella.. your own private interview.. these days you would have had to film it on your phone and sell it to Today tonight.
  15. i've heard mixed reviews, some say it's awesome, some say it's crap
    i spose i'll have to have a listen myself
  16. I thought it was just me...

    steaming pile of shite I reckon.. very dissapointing

    Appetite has been on my ipod for ages...awesome album to listen to while on a spirited ride :grin: , the new one would put me to sleep
  17. TBH im glad it doesnt sound like "appetite"
    if i wanted a CD that sounded like the old gunners i would just play my Velvet Revolver CD's

    bands that sound the same on every CD annoy me :?
    take ACDC, they sound the same to me ](*,)

    this CD wont be to everyones liking, but neither is wearing socks with thongs :-s