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Gunnedah to Sydney In 2 Wheeled Submarine

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Speedy, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. It was one of those occasions when it WAS as bad as it looked.

    Half way between Gunnedah and Quirindi, with 450k's to run to home I was confronted with a wall of black cloud, tendrils of cloud rolling down its face as the storm front pushed through. Visibility was measured in single meters at times. It was the heaviest and worst road conditions I have ridden through in 25 years of riding.

    It P1SSED down. All the way. I kept going. It hailed, hailstones rattling my helmet like a constant blast of birdshot. I kept going. I sild on slicks of diesel spilled onto an already slick road by the trucks I had to follow. I kept going. My visor fogged up whilst riding blind anyway, stuck in the road spray from the 18 wheeler in front of me. I kept going. I got hungry and needed a p1ss. I kept going. Lightning struck a tree and the flash and thunderclap nearly made me sh1t myself and run straight off the road. I kept going. Crosswinds battered me, turbulence from passing rigs combining to knock me all over the road at times. I kept going. I hit floodwaters, only alerted by the bow wave off the car in front before I was in it. I kept going.

    Tip: Bandit 1200's do not aquaplane up to 120.

    But it was ok. A couple of spots where I got clear of traffic, I found it still quite comfortable and under comtrol at 120, even p1ssing down rain and I found myself wet (didn't bother to put my wet gear on as I thought it was only a narrow band of showers ha ha ha), cold, but having a ball.

    Tip: wind blast will keep your visor beautifully clear at 140. Allegedly.

    The traffic stopped on the F3, so I took the Old Road in the wet, still p1ssing down. I shocked myself at how confidently I was going compared to a couple of other souls brave enough to take on the Old Road in a storm. I guess the previous 400km of riding in the same storm had lifted my skills a bit.

    Tip: Relax, trust your tyres, ride to 5/10th's.

    Confidence boost? 100% dose of middle distance and wet weather riding. Certainly showed up some skills I had forgotten but the k's brought them back. Certain speeds were achieved at appropriate moments, no real "oops" moments just heaps of challenging fun pushing some boundaries and riding on some roads and in some conditions I would normally avoid.

    Sense of achievement? Priceless!

    So anyone who is nervous in wet conditions, get outta Sydney and do some serious k's in as many different conditions you can.

    There's an old aviation saying I'll paraphrase: "Do you ride 20,000km a year, or 20,000 of the same kilometer a year?"
  2. You should have asked for vectors to intercept the localiser with an ILS approach.
  3. Nah, more fun to go scudrunning and try and stay VFR.
    Till you run into a piece of the planet sticking up :grin: