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Gunk, Debris under front sprocket housing

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by cakeman, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. Hi All,

    i went to change my chain and sprockets last night (but to no avail, the previous owner didnt belive in torque wrenchs and the bolt had seized, but thats another story for another day)

    I took the front sprocket housing off, and the amount of gunk, chain lube and general crap was amazing. Im talking a good solid 3/4 Inch of crap stuck hard on the inside of the housing.

    As ive never changed sprockets and chains before, im wondering is this normal?
  2. I had a hell of a lot of gunk under my sprocket on my 675.. Chain wax is pretty gunky stuff and picks up dirt, dust and whatever other shit it can.

    I do think I probably got an extra few horsepower once I'd cleaned it.. It must have surely been dragging through it constantly.

    I probably over-lubed my chain a bit.. But hey, better than no lube I guess.

    The torque wrench issue: probably a bloody mechanic. I'm sick of those idiots doing up bolts with rattle guns. There's no "feel" bullshit like some of them go on about because the whole idea of a rattle gun is that they can do up or undo things to the point of destroying them. I plan on doing all my maintenance with this new bike once I get the first service done at an official triumph place (for warranty reasons I guess).
  3. It may just be a case of the two different metals reacting, and the bolt has corroded in there. Was there a powdery white 'coating' on the bolt? Really common, and highly likely if they haven't been touched in a long time. Get yourself a can of anti-seize compound from your local nut-and-bolt guy and apply some to those bolts as soon as you can. You can be really methodical, and pull all the others out too if you want to do it properly :wink:

    Pretty much, yep. Get as much of it off as you can, because it will attract all sorts of nasty road crud that you don't want to subject your new chain to.

  4. That sounds like pretty normal for a bike that hasn't been maintained.

    Just take a shiteload of degreaser to the build up. Scrape off then repeat. The more regularly you clean it the less of it will build up.
  5. Get rid of any trace of degreaser before you put it back on - degreaser munts chains.
  6. yep. Use kerosene instead.....
  7. thats the key. ive got gallons of the stuff. worth giving it a clean in there each time you clean your chain.. if its that thick id say its never seen a clean and waaaaayyy to much lube.. if its good lube its only a few squirts here and there every couple thousand k's.
    i am the chain anal master and mix up brews of lube.... muah ha ha..mainly because im nuts.
  8. What I do when I clean in there is a coat in kero (well soak) leave for a few min then brush off.
    If it's still gunky then kero in a spray bottle on jet up really close to help break it off a bit more.
  9. yep. spray on... hang on a minute.. brush on with toothbrush... wipe... spray... wipe...beer.

  10. Fixd :p
  11. thanks. my bad
  12. yep, found a huge gunk buildup on both my gpx's under the cover. Bit of kero cleaned it up no worries. +1 for being guilty of over oiling chain.
  13. Even if you don't excessively over lube, small amounts will build up over time. I take the front sproket cover off everytime I clean the chain to clear it out and there always seems to be a little bit. If it left it on, it would continue to build up.

    +1 on using Kero. However, if you want the job done super quick then the Motul chain cleaner is a very expensive but very effective option.... Probably better to use Kero and rags though. :)
  14. Hmm.... I was at a bike shop today in search for some lube, and asked if kero was all good to clean chains with (have a fair bit) and the guy goes, na, no good, use chain cleaner.............so I bought it, then found this thread........

    Ahwell, the rest of the stuff I actually needed. :p
  15. sooooooooollllllllllldddddddddd....

    did you grab some speed holes ?.
  16. i've found some checkered spraypaint out the back, you can have that if you want!
  17. must have been in the box with the left handed ratchet and sky hooks
  18. Make sure you do your chain work with the bike on a stand.
    Be careful which one you use, some stands are too short.
    Best thing is to go into your local bike shop and
    ask them for a long stand.
  19. wonder if this place had any shaft cleaner ?... ive run out