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Gunbus, German Giant

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Riderman, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. Gunbus is the world's largest bike for the roads. A man of average height standing next to a Gunbus looks very modest.

    Its engine is of 6.72 liters and of 350 HP! Bike's tires in size and shape can be comparable to those of planes.


  2. why :? :?
  3. Ugly and pointless.

    I might have liked it when I was 14.

    I despise bikes which cannot be used for anything other than shows. Mind you, the fact that it appears to be registered is a point in its favour.
  4. Cool, a bike for the taller rider.
  5. You know what, I'd love to have a ride on that. The Victory has turned me on to big bikes. :)
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    Coz they can.

    I saw a bike with a 9 cylinder radial engine. That was awesome.
    The links/pics below are for a coupla 7 cyl ones I quickly found.

    GUx35zuI5GI[/media]]Video (clicky)


  7. I bet those radial engines would idle for about 5 mins before running out of fuel. Truly an elaborate paperweight.
  8. I don't think mileage was the number one design brief, somehow.

    I guess they should have made a CT110.
  9. If the radials are the engine I think it is, they're only rated at about 120hp. Ie, about the same as many big bike engines. Fuel consumption has a fairly direct relationship with power output, so mileage wouldn't be outlandish. Torque reaction might be interesting though :grin:.

    It's an Aussie designed and built lump too. Google Rotech.
  10. That 2nd radial wouldn't do speed humps at all, would it?
  11. on the gunbus, imagine getting your trousers caught in the primary drive chain!!!