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NSW Gun + motorbike = big problem

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by rat man407, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. i live in town and to get out to my shooting spot i have to ride thought town on the bike and it is the only way i can get there. Done it a few times today copper is following me pulls me over once we are out side of town and processed to throw the book at me for transporting it on the bike
    now my understanding was that:
    it has to be unloaded
    it has to be locked to the bikes frame
    the ammo has to be locked in another case

    does anybody know any different because this copper had no idea what he was going on about?

    p.s it was only an Air rifle
  2. Do you have an infringement? what's it say and what sections has he put down?
  3. no he ended up letting me go with a warning but i been looking on my shooting forums and it is 100% fine to do but he was an idiot he did not even know if i was allowed to ride a 500cc as a L plater
  4. I was looking into getting a gun licence (but decided its too hard to obtain with depression)

    And i wondered about transporting them on bikes. I Spose in a case 90% of people wouldn't bee too suspicious
  5. All persons must comply with the safe keeping and storage requirements as prescribed by the Firearms Act 1996, the Firearms Regulation 2006 and as recommended by the Police Commissioner.

    Legislation for category C, D & H firearms requires them to be conveyed unloaded with the ammunition kept in a separate locked container. The firearm must be rendered temporarily incapable of being fired (eg by removal of the bolt/firing mechanism or the use of trigger locks) or must be kept in a locked container that is properly secured to, or is within the vehicle.

    There are no legislative requirements for the transportation of category A & B firearms however the Commissioner has determined that 'all reasonable precautions' have been met if category A & B firearms are conveyed in the same manner as category C, D & H firearms.

    There is no reference to the type of vehicle used in transportation so this officer needs to brush up on his knowledge.

    I've also moved your thread from Pub to the correct forum.

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  6. thanks justus
  7. Tiny-Gun-Control-Drunks. that pretty much sums up current gun laws
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    I couldn't agree more. If things get any stupider then swallowing a few ball bearings and a can of beans will get you listed as a lethal weapon!

    I won't get too involved here, save to recommend you make absolutely sure you are understand and comply, and even OVER comply, with the rules and possibly even carry a copy with you while transporting your rifle. Some police are professionals and serve the community (most as it happens), some are more interested in their own authority. I hate meeting the latter.
  9. I've been thinking about how to do what you've done for a while... how on earth did you strap a rifle to the bike? I assume it was running along the length, not over hanging across the bike?
  10. no it does not have to be strapped to the bike just attached so it in a gun bag/backpack thing and then i run a chain thought the shoulder straps witch is perfectly legal only problem is you can't really stop unless you walk into the shop with the gun on your back witch i'm not crazy enough to do
  11. If its on you - a bass guitar case, shoulder holster or similar you're laughing. Attached to the bike you'll need to have it in a locked case.

    I really miss shooting - only the bike now and getting the rifles around is just too hard.
  12. Completely. I transport my rifle(s) using a guitar case. I keep my bolt(s) and ammunition in my panniers or my tank bag, with a little luggage lock on it.

    I've been pulled over a few times with it and i, without fail, start the conversation with "please be aware that i am currently transporting firearms". I've never been pinged, ever.

    So long as your bolt is removed and your ammo is seperate, they can't get you for squat. There's no rule on what method of transport you use, just that the firearm is rendered safe.

    Good work Justus.
  13. Snuff, what sort of case do you use? I use my soft base guitar case that acts like a really effective sail when I ride. Any ideas would be great...
  14. Loosen a shoulder strap and put it over just one shoulder like a courier bag (before putting your helmet on). This way the bag will sit on one hip and will only present a thin edge to the wind. You might already be doing this as it isn't perfect, just a heap better than putting it on both shoulders.
  15. Yeah, that's what I'm doing at the moment. Still a bugger of a thing.

    Years ago I shot with a guy who used a golf club bag that was designed to hold one club only - perfect size.
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  17. I used to ride around with a trombone case strapped to the side of my bike and I saw a bloke just yesterday with a saxophone on board.
    Just saying
  18. How about this, shouldn't attract too much attention ;)

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  20. "Oh, that rifle Officer? I use it for shooting pigs."


    (Bet you'd get more than a verbal warning at that point.)