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Gun attack on French magazine kills 12

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Womble, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. Praise be to Allah.
  2. And the tributes begin Screenshot_2015-01-08-07-46-26.
  3. Shocking and sad.
  4. Death is too good for the c#nts who carried out this attack, strip them down and put them in stocks in the square in Paris. Let them rot and see what their god will do for them (or not). If they are killed cleanly by police they will be Martyrs to their f*cked up cause. Humiliate them in public, I believe living out a humiliating existence would be more frightening to these gobshites than dying for their cause as "heroes".
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  5. How the fcuk is that even slightly appropriate? From a mod of all people.
  6. Completely appropriate, given Charlie Hebdo was a satirical rag.

    Irony is great. Praise be to Irony...
  7. Irony or just crass trolling? Context it everything.
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  8. [​IMG]

    This is a perfect response to these clowns. They want to deal in fear, reply to them in ridicule.
  9. I say irony, given the original Charlie Hebdo Mahomet cartoons were an perfect example of crass trolling.

    You cannot criticise comments on the attack on grounds of defending people's sensitivities from bad taste without engaging in the most laughable hypocrisy...
  10. I'm very familiar with the magazine's work, having read it since the '90s.
    However, having seen Lilly's posts of late in other threads, I believe he's trolling. Just another VC but with Mod rights so I can't put him on the ignore list.
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  11. Vertical C - person who frequents these parts purely to troll. Adds nothing of value to the site, possessor of thin skin.
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  12. Mod or no everyone is entitled to their opinion. Lilley is not trolling, the post is in context since these killers are muslim extremists. It's about time the moderate muslims took these clowns to task and eliminated them once and for all. I'm over this so called religion of peace.
    And no more mod references or whinging.
  13. Interesting contradiction.
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  14. Thing is smeesmee almost all Muslims do denounce these attacks, it is the papers that try to have people afraid and make these idiots out to be more sophisticated than they are. I see that the US press and AP are refusing to print any cartoons from Charlie Hendo, this is wrong and giving them what they want.

    Looks like two of them are shot and one in custody.
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  15. irrelevant to the thread, enough already
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  16. Weee, getting up the nose of the sdom.
  17. Denouncing is not eradicating. About time they did less lip service and did more eradication.
    Take Isis as a case in point. If the moderates REALLY wanted them gone then it would simply be a matter of getting a MUSLIM coalition of the willing and go out there and do the job. But no they are all "brothers"
    eg the father of the captured jordanian pilot uses this logic:
    “I call on the brothers from ISIL to consider him their son and their colleague in prayer to treat him well and consider him as their son and a guest"
    That sort of logic doesn't wash with me any more.
    It's about time Islam declared a jihad on itself.