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Gumtree Prices

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Milpool, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. Has anyone else noticed that in general the prices people ask for bikes on Gumtree is ridiculous? I only have just recently got my L's (in QLD) and will be looking to do Q-Ride soon so I am also looking at cheaper learner bikes. I don't mind the look of the CBF250 as I would assume they are on the cheaper end of the scale but then I find ads like this: 2009 Honda CBF250 | Motorcycles | Gumtree Australia Brisbane North West - Brisbane City | 1098125802

    That's more than the general asking price for a VTR250 which I know is widely considered to be a much better bike; and it's not even registered. It's not really an isolated thing as well, there's heaps of ads like that. Sorry for my little rant, it's just very frustrating looking at bikes when on a tight budget.

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  2. Mate gumtree is almost totally random, with way high prices mixed in with lowball stuff. Don't get upset about one advert, just ignore it if you don't like it.
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  3. Sometimes people don't really want to sell their bikes and therefore put a high price on it. If they get that price, their stoked. If it doesn't sell, just as happy.
    A mate of mine listed his Harley 4 times at a stupid price. He knew no one would buy it, but if by chance someone made an offer, he would be laughing.
    Im assuming that's what is happening with some of these ads.
  4. Do your own market research, work out what you want and how much you will need to spend then when you find things make offers, that's how the free market place works. Welcome to the world of commerce.
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  5. Actually to add to my last post - as you're in a tight budget, then cut off (filter) the price just above your limit. That way you won't see any of these...
  6. Yeah I see where you guys are coming from, it was posted in a moment of annoyance. Just gets annoying filtering through them all, especially when it's already hard enough to find cheaper bikes bigger than 150cc.
  7. Have you tried bikesales?
  8. I get more pissed off when people don't remove their gumtree ads, and don't return messages.
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  9. Seeing as I'm such a helpful guy, have a look at this.
    Used Naked - Road Motorcycles for Sale in Queensland - bikesales.com.au
    Plenty of CBF for 2-3k. This is filtered to naked bikes, you can change to sports touring etc. from a quick look, plenty cheap available...
  10. Love to try and spend other people's coin....congrats on the MT-09 btw!!
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  11. Oh wow. Thanks for the link. I hadn't tried Bikesales because last time I looked (ages ago) I found everything to be more expensive than gumtree in general. Thanks for the advice, this is awesome.
  12. Gumtree is owned by eBay, for what that's worth...
  13. Research what the bike(s) you are interested in is/are worth (know what to add/subtract for mileage, condition, rego etc).

    Find one close by to have a look at. If it passes muster - and here is the important bit - try to make sure the wife is within earshot and take a wad of cash out of your pocket when you make your low-ball offer.

    If the rego is due soon, this can work to your advantage - point out that if they don't sell the bike they will either have to pay rego with no guarantee of selling it, or if they don't renew the rego, it will be even harder to sell.
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  14. Also pays to have a chat with your local dealer. Most sell used bikes as well and not all advertise in bikesales. Often a simple thing like taking photos and updating their website is too difficult for them, so ring them up and tell them what you're chasing.

    But be prepared to be pestered.
  15. Or possibly a case of:-
    "Yes, dear. I have the bike advertised, I am trying to sell it."
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  16. That made me laugh and reminded me of an old Mercedes sports car I had sitting in the shed. The bride kept pestering me to sell it on the basis I only drove it twice a year. To placate her I put an add in carsales at 10k above market price thinking I was safe. Buggered if some dude didn't make a full priced offer 2 weeks later and she saw the email. I still miss that car.
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  17. You will find gumtree bikes generally a fair bit cheaper than bikesales and stacks cheaper than a dealer. There will always be dreamers asking a shedload but you will find bargains if you're patient. Ebay also may produce some good prices especially if someone auctions without a reserve.
  18. That said, I just bought a brand new MT09 with trading my ninja 300 (23,500kms, 2 weeks rego) in and handing over $7500 ride away. I paid $4600 for the ninja off of Gumtree and the dealer gave me $4900 for it 15,00kms later. And those that know me know that I made that little ninja work during that time.

    I had to put that in here as I honestly thought I had a big fat zero chance of getting that bike doing stuff privately. Right place at the right time.
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