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Gulf Of Mexico Time Lapse Videos

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smileedude, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. So I've been in the states on a scientific voyage for uni for the last two weeks. I just got the Sony Action Cam and have been playing with the time lapse options. Make sure you have the higher quality setting.


  2. Very cool Smilee, you lucky boy...
    Pity the skip couldn't maintain a heading while you were getting the sunset though :D
  3. I know, I knew we were going to get to station right before sun set, was just hoping the boat wouldn't turn... still I love the way the clouds look in time lapse.
  4. Justus, smee Since this got moved from the non-bike photography forum (I would have thought being time lapse it is close enough to photography to count) to the pub can we have a video forum?
  5. Good idea.
  6. I moved the thread smiliedude. You may create a thread in Site Discussion with any suggestions you have mate.

  7. The antenna on the left must have been rotating extraordinarily slowly.
  8. Good eye.......
  9. Meh, I didn't even notice what most of the cranes or people were doing. That sort of trivial activity I don't bother noticing.
  10. Could have been turning once every 5.5 seconds.... Can't remember.
  11. Entirely possible.
  12. Very cool - thanks for the share (y)
  13. Out of interest Smilee......whacha doin' out there researchin' and such?
  14. The leg I was on is part of a long term set of independent fishery data going back 25 years with constant methods. I'm analysing the data for my PhD. Basically shrimp nets are towed throughout the US waters of the gulf. Lots of different ground fish and inverts are caught.

    The one sentence summary of my PhD thesis is: I'm looking at how the diversity in the Gulf of Mexico is changing in time and space and how changes to environmental factors influence this.
  15. Sound interesting.....

    Stop the fluctuations in the Gulf Stream by increasing fuel prices and the price on consumer carbon emissions.....thereby decreasing global ocean surface temp and decreasing the escalating rate of ocean oxidation.........

    >>>>sorry........I had tofu for dinner......

    I kid....I kid....:D

    Good luck brother :D