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Guitar Strings & Guitars (Page 4 -- 23/04/06)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Guest, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. Okay question for all of those guitarists out there;

    I am after some new acoustic guitar strings. I have a Maton EM225C, and the last set of strings that I put on were "Elixir Nanoweb Steel". (I did go to buy Phosophor Bronze, but an unnamed music store in Ringwood sold me the wrong ones).

    Anyway two of these have broken in teh last two months, so as you guesseed I am up for somemore. :twisted:

    I am really looking for the proffesional sound out of the guitar (something I have yet to achieve), so any advice/ thoughts.

    PS. One other thing, This is a bit hard to explain so if you dont understand dont worry. But on most modern songs that have an Acoustic Guitar, they get sort of a not a thumping noise but something like that rather than the straight ringing pattern. I don't know how else to explain it

    :oops: :oops: :grin:
  2. Re: Guitar Strings

    hey pj- I use the nanowebs on my taylor, been using them for about 3 years now and never broken one! You must play like a mad man :p

    Some other strings I've tried and kinda liked are the martin cheapo's, (medium) they go for under $20 from memory.

    The elixirs last the longest for me and have a nice bright sound, and they don't go dead for ages...

    That 'sound' you were describing on the modern acoustic songs is probably post production in the studio from what I can tell!

    Whenever I see someone live, the guitar always sounds normal.
  3. :grin: :grin: No it was when I was tuning, I think the problem is I had it under the bed, and the whole guitar was freezing :shock: . By the way which nanowebs are you using.

    Also about the sound, I think that is a special technique. I have seen a guy play and it was only going in a straight PA system. I asked him about it and he said it was the quality of guitar, which I know is Bul&*^t becasue I have heard his Dad play the same guitar normally.

    PS. The sound is like some of older Pete Murray songs (I think)??? and/ or Jack Johnson (and no its not the muting, at least I dont think it is)
  4. Much easier to just buy the CD.
  5. i use ernie balls, but I don't play a lot of accoustic.
  6. On my acoustics I use Darco strings by Martin. They're under $10 retail so you can change strings as often as you should, rather than as often as you can afford! If I was giggging I think I'd be using D'Addario 80/20's though... they're perfect for my acoustic.
  7. I use bluesteels phosphor bronze but most phosphor bronze will give you the sound you are wanting.
    Martin's are ok too, from the medium range up. Don't really like them fender or gibson strings... too gangly and not enuf meat.

    I think the style you hear is a cross between half palming (muting) & picking on the bass strings. Hard to explain but as you down strum on the bass strings you also half palm it then do an up stroke.
    Well... I think that's what you are after but I could be wrong there! :)
  8. PJ, I have exactly the same guitar! The string you want are "Martin SP" They're about $18-$20 a packet and are the best sounding acoustic guitar string available. Get the 10 0r 11 guage. You don't need them really heavy to get a mellow tone so there's no need to put the extra pressure on the neck. I use them on stage, in studio and stuffing around in my room and love them. I've been using them for about the last 5 or so years and I can't fault them and I've never met anyone who could fault them.

    The sound you're talking about was very vauge, but you could be refering to vamping. This is simply resting the edge of your hand on the strings as you strum (you have to do it when recording bass guitars to stop them ringing out or the sound goes to shit). It's not difficult but will take some practice to get the knack as the presure has to be "just so". :wink: :)
  9. Thanks for all of your help, Pay day is next week, so I will have a think about the options and go from there :grin: .

    Isn't this so true, My last set of strings cost around $35 to $40. (It still isn't much when you weigh up what you pay for a guitar.

    Thanks, I'll give this a go, its been drving me mad for ages. Also what technique do you use for Palm muting, I sort of end up with buzzing noises :oops: :oops:
  10. Probably need to press a little harder with your palm. It's needs to be essentially as firm as you can without getting a dead note. It's a knack, you'll just have to practice. :)

    Edit: It's also important that your palm rests a close as possible (even touching it) to the bridge. Otherwise dead notes are all you'll get.
  11. Thanks for that Seany, by the way what do you think of the guitar :)
  12. I've got 8 guitars and the maton is my favourite by a million miles. I've had it for 7 years and the sound only gets better each time I ding it. Matons are funny, some sound awesome, some sound like shit so you've got to play them before buying and get the one you like rather than one sitting out the back. There is something "magic" about the good ones that I can't describe. It's a really distinctive tone. yeah, I like it fine. :grin:
  13. Exactly, Some people don't get Matons have said why don't you get a Taylor or Martin because Maton are s*&t. But I think the 225's are great.

    I don't know, it may be the Australian wood, or something but they seem to get better with age. :grin:
  14. All the wood on Matons is pre-aged but the quality of the tone in the wood varies. Their grading seems to go more on appearand than tone to make sure the expensive ones look the part. This means that the sound will vary across the range. Even in the same model. E've played a few EM225c's and many other Matons and they all vary a bit. All the good one (around 50%) share "that" sound though. When I got mine, I had a budget of $2500 to find the perfect acoustic and played everything under the sun from Gibsons, Takamines, ovations and including Matons "Messiah". In the end, there was something special about mine so that made the choice. I have 2 friends that can pick my guitar in a pub as they walk past.

    Each guitar regardless of brand will have it's own qualities. It's got nothing to do with brand and just searching until you find the one that works for you. If you chose a Maton and you like it then ignore ignorant friends and enjoy your instrument.
  15. Exactly, Its like bikes. You can ask which is the best bike all you like, but if you sit on it and don't like it, well you don't like it :grin:
  16. Yep, if you find one that fits like a glove you have to buy it. I think that's actually a law here (or at least it's my exuse everytine I get another guitar). :LOL:

    How long have you been playing? We should have a jam sometime. :grin:
  17. I've been playing for 3 1/2 years, But I had an old guy teach me. So I can do the chords, and standard strums 3/4, 4/4. But I am struggling with the modern and different patterns.
  18. I run Plectrum 11s on my AW300 (original release, not the new one) and I wouldn't use anything else. They're silk-wound, so they're butter smooth with a very unique sound. I love them. Highly recommended.

    The rest of my kit - I run Fender Silver Bullets (9-46s) on my electric, and D'adarrio Chromes (10s) on my semi.
  19. Voyager what sort of guitar is the AW300. :grin:

    Also has anybody got a chord chart of just bar chords???
  20. I went out today and brought the Martin SP Phosphor Bronze this afternoon at Billy Hyde.
    They sound really Meaty :grin:

    Thanks for your help