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Guitar string through middle finger?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by judas, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. Quick, take it out before the Ducati riders think it's a new fashion of some sort!
  2. Dude.

    Very metal.

    I've had my fair share of guitar string related personal perforations, but yours tops them all, I'm thinking that it was the fit of metal madness that pushed your effort to a new level....of confidence and power
  3. How the bloody hell did you manage to get it all the way through? I play bass and I'd hate to think that one of those strings could go through a finger! They are more like the thickness of a throttle cable!
  4. I have absolutely no idea how it went all the way through. I mean the damn things are flimsy and you need some force to even puncture the skin quite well!

    haha, although the silence and the looks on everyone elses faces (and mine of course) after they all saw what happened was just priceless..shock and horror was abound.
  5. That is so cool... you should leave it in!!!!!

    Be a trend-setter
  6. Respect that is hard core >HXC<
  7. Welcome to the gimp finger club!
  8. No, really?? :LOL:

    Thats a pretty good effort with the string though dude... Im very impressed!
  9. How on earth did it go all the way thorugh... especially being a wound string?!

  10. That's just oucy. They also hurt when inserted under the fingernail, the B/G strings work best for that.
  11. I use a .135 gauge B :shock: ... I'm playing my bass right now and just imagining the pain.
  12. At least for the next week im on light duties at work which basically means i do nothing and get paid for it!
  13. pfffff you get outa work too easy! just a little pin prick :)
  14. I was just thinking about something….should there be a warning on any new guitar that there is a chance to have a body part pierced with out your consent if you play them ??
  15. nice work.. im also a bass played snapped a few strings when slapping.. but frk me!!! i cna understand a solid string but a bound string? congrats!
  16. If you are like me and work for the government you get paid to do nothing without having any injuries :D
  17. lucky you werent picking your nose at the time :D
  18. I feel your pain. I once had the bottom E string go right through my little finger. I was sitting on my bed, playing and when TWANG. It then proceeded with a searing pain in the little finger on my right hand. Needless to say the string had gone completely through my finger exactly like yours did.
    NOT FUN!!
  19. bass_player, I knew a guy in Sydney who snapped the A string on his Steinberger, it whipped up and cut him from the very outside corner of his right eye diagonnally down about 5 cms of his right cheek.

    Wicked !