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Guilty & Wet

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Riderman, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. Bet that got your attention

    Hi i havnt posted in a month or so, i have been busy riding everyday to work. I have begun filtering through traffic and have cut down my usual 45-60 minute journey to 30. i dont filter all the time, only when it's do-able and if the lights have just turned red.

    Anyway back on topic - 2 questions:

    1. Guilty - I feel guilty for filtering... i know when i was driving i didnt mind or care about riders filtering, but i feel like i'm cheating... i want to weat a vest that says "THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME PASS" on my back ! what do you think?

    2. Wet - It's been raining for the past week in Sydney, the roads are wet, the white strips are slippery.

    How does being wet impact your leaning to turn? Is the contact patch between the tyre and the road less when you lean to turn? I have been chicken and been turning and going through sweeping bends quite slow as I've always been cautious (from driving turbo rwd cars in the past) in the wet - but am I being too overcautious if I take the bend at 50 when i have taken it at 70 no problems in the dry? I'm just too afraid to try...

    Thanks in advance. Other than the above I am loving it !!!!!! and cant wait to get off these Ls :)

  2. :worthlesspics:

    In regards to filtering, personally I'm not in any rush when riding so I don't mind hanging around behind a couple cars at lights. There have been a few threads about people's opinions on it and there's some benefits.

    Being in the wet, you don't want to lean as much as there's less traction due to the water. Slow and steady is always better than sliding out
  3. Sorry didnt mean to start another lane splittnig topic..

    Just reply to the point 2 then :)
    Thank daiakuji
  4. Don't feel guilty - they would would if they could.

    I've slid out in various cars many times in the wet, but I was only unfortunate enough to hit the gutter one of those times. The result of this is that I don't really lean the bike at all when it rains, especially when the corner involves a zebra crossing.
  5. If you always split, you're always ensuring theres a few cars behind you in the event of some asshat rear ending from not seeing the red light. Since being rear has an extremely high fatality rate, by lane splitting you're safer.

    As for cornering.. you need to be careful after its rained after a long period of no rain as there will be alot of oil coming up that hasn't been recently washed away. Also you should be particularly careful turning anywhere that traffic has backed up - as sitting there for long periods there will be drilled oil around which builds up, eg. near traffic lights.

    Apart from that theres still alot of grip in the wet, just be more progressive with turning, throttle, brakes, etc.
  6. i tend to filter a fair amount on the way to work. some people move over and some try to kill you. thats life.
    some of the regulars wave as i ease by. actually knocked a mirror this morning. did the right thing and stopped and the man mountain in the van just raised a thumb and nodded.
    road love... better than road rage
  7. as said above if it has rained in awhile it will be slippery as all the dried oil/diesel will come back up, take it easy. If its been raining for awhile (several hours or days) and you have good tyres you will find you have a lot of grip in the wet. Again take it easy, its hard to define and if the rain is gullying across the road and you hit while you are turning you will at least slide.

    White lines when wet = avoid at all costs. They won't do much when you're bolt upright but if you turn on one they are very slippery. Ever see a F1 hit the ripple strips in the wet? They slide.
  8. By not driving a car, you are easing congestion, & actually making it quicker for the people stuck in their cages to get to work.

    In the wet, slow & steady wins the race, slow application of throttle, slow leaning, & above all be smooth!

    Modern tyres really do have a lot of grip in the wet, the good ones anyway, so you'll eventually get to know the limits of what you can & can't do in the wet. Experience!

    Good on you for riding in the rain, a lot of people don't.
  9. Looks like I'll be riding in the wet for the first time now to get lunch on my break. And I took off both of the inners off my jacket damn.
  10. I strongly recommend against wearing a tinted visor in the rain, at night time. :)
  11. sounds like your doing the right thing in the wet. as said above you still have a lot of grip but you need to slow down and be smooth. moving your bodyweight around helps as getting it to the inside means you carry less lean angle. I think we all tend to be stiff and tighten on the bars in the wet when we should be the opposite. but move weight before you start turning and not in the turn and don't shift it back until the bike is straight. be smooth.

  12. I was visor less once time in the rain and only had tinted sunglasses to wear. Trying to see those white lines in the dark & rain scary!

    Dont feel guilty, thats just the dont get fined reflex. It goes away with good mirror checking. Give the cars a wave if you want to ease your weirdness at leaving those cage bound animals in your wake.

    Contact patch is the same in the wet, I would have a much shallower lean angle and keep the speed down, ride so that you feel safe is the best idea. And stay to the side of the lane! cos of the oil
  13. twistngo is correct, putting more body weight onto the inside makes it easier to turn without leaning to much and gives you better grip and better contact patch. Also put more weight onto the inside pegs helps.

    Don't feel guilty about splitting, I get like that too sometimes, but you are taking us less space.
  14. Thanks for the replies during the day guys

    Can always rely on this forum to answer my newbie questions

    It's almost 5pm now, almost home time and outside looks terrible.. Big wind and dark clouds.. :-k[-o< but not raining yet...
  15. Under no circumstances should you ever feel guilty about filtering. Only jealous, narrow-minded, selfish little beigetoads object to filtering and call it queue-jumping.
  16. I sometimes feel guilty when the there is queue to get on the freeway at the on ramp like the Wellington Road, onto the Monash, during peak hour when they have the signals on. I would have saved heaps of time though.